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NTSend NTSend
John Kelly

NTSend will provide a graphical user interface to Windows popup messages.

TomSend 1.1 TomSend 1.1
Tom Commander

This program is able to send messages in a network.

LanTalk PRO LanTalk PRO
CEZEO software

Effective communications for the office and home environment.

Invisible Chat 1.22 Invisible Chat 1.22
Mentis Software

Invisible Chat is a user-friendly real-time application for large and small office and home local networks.

Communication Client 5.5 Communication Client 5.5
Mc & RENOX automated systems

Communication Client is a software that helps you communicate with other persons over internet and intranet.

WinPopup Gold 6.02 WinPopup Gold 6.02
Smart Is On

WinPopup Gold is a useful tool to send, receive messages and chat through your local secure network (no internet access).

Secure Network Chat 2.6.43 Secure Network Chat 2.6.43
SecureAction Research

Secure Network Chat (SNC) is a text chat designed to solve all the problems in communication between your company staff members cardinally.

QuickPopup 4.5 QuickPopup 4.5
Kanex Group Inc.

QuickPopup is a program that allows PC/Mac/Linux users to exchange instant messages with other users on any local area network (LAN).

Yak! 2.1.2 Yak! 2.1.2
DigiCraft Software

A serverless, text-based, chat application for use on Microsoft Windows LANs.

SnapMail 5.2.1 SnapMail 5.2.1
Glass Bead Software

SnapMail is the cross-platform private messaging and file transfer utility for your office.

SnapTalk 4.1 Win XP SnapTalk 4.1 Win XP
Glass Bead Software

SnapTalk is the cross-platform private chat and file transfer application for your office.

NWSend 5.0 NWSend 5.0
VyPRESS Research, LLC

NWSend allows sending and receiving messages between Novell NetWare users that have Client32 installed.

Fomine Observer 1.0 Fomine Observer 1.0

Fomine Observer is an alternative to the Windows Messenger Service.

LAN Messenger 0.7 beta 4 LAN Messenger 0.7 beta 4

LAN Messenger is the only used chatting program in the WAGNERA.

ACEmessage 10.0.7 ACEmessage 10.0.7
Spydaman Design Studios 2004

ACEmessage is one way network messaging software for computer users (and Administrators) to send out instant network desktop popup messages to groups of users quickly and easily (Very similar to Net Send and Win Popup).

PaulyChat 2.3 PaulyChat 2.3

PaulyChat is an easy to use network chat program.

Ip-Harvester 6.0 Ip-Harvester 6.0

Ip-Harvester can send popups by Windows messenger service.

AChat 0.150 AChat 0.150
AChat team

AChat is a Unicode program designed for your network.

EasyChat 3.0.0 EasyChat 3.0.0
Sophtware Kode Werks

EasyChat is a multi-user network messaging chat application.

ChitChat! 1.10 build 67 ChitChat! 1.10 build 67
Chin-Yu Hsu

ChitChat! is a text-based chatting software for Windows 95/NT that will allow you to connect with multiple users in real time.

MessCorruptionIM 1.0 MessCorruptionIM 1.0
Temple Of Transgression

MessCorruptionIM is a free chat utility that lets you to send and receive messages.

NT Message Sender 1.0 NT Message Sender 1.0
David Piepgrass

NT Message Sender will send messages around your LAN (built on Windows NT machines).

Colasoft MSN Monitor 2.0 Colasoft MSN Monitor 2.0
Colasoft Co., Ltd.

Colasoft MSN Monitor capture message content, provides the statistics of account status, message counts, etc.

Simple Chat 1.24 Simple Chat 1.24

Simple Chat is a light local network communication program that allows you to send personalized messages to your local network talking in two rooms: work and tea room.

Trusted Messenger 2.7 Trusted Messenger 2.7
NotePage, Inc.

Trusted Messenger is a real time messaging application designed for business use.