Communication Client 5.5

Communication Client 5.5 Screenshot Communication Client is a software that helps you communicate with other persons over internet and intranet.

Developer:   Mc & RENOX automated systems
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Communication Client is a software that helps you communicate with other persons over internet and intranet.

ComClient is a program for chatting in the Internet and/or Intranet.

Communication Client features
  • Easy and fast change of active channel (ie. from customers to employees channel, etc).
  • Handling of FTP accounts to simulate safe virtual folders to share files with other users.
  • Integrated Internet browser.
  • Easy e-mail delivery.
  • Possibility of message encryption to guarantees the security against spy and hackers of the net.
  • Delivery and direct reception of files.
  • Large texts delivery to users with just a click.
  • Web pages delivery to users.
  • Possibility to deliver acoustic calls to other users to get their attention.
  • Possibility to open multiple chat windows separate with each user.
  • Easy administration and change of active server.
  • Simultaneous use in local (LAN) and Internet networks.
  • User state selection like: “active”, “not available”, “be right back” and automatic response.
  • Users utilities, making automatic actions when a new user connects. Example: acoustic notifications, send an automatic message, open a chat window or bring-up ComClient.
  • Access to weather maps.
  • Language selection English or Spanish.
  • Floating notification of "new user on-line".
  • When a new message arrives, the program will bring-up automatically.
  • Possibility of minimizing the program in a simple icon located in the indow's clock zone (TrayIcon).
  • Little shape, without interfering your work with other programs.
  • Compliant with Windows XP visual styles.

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    Communication Client is a software that helps you communicate with other persons over internet and intranet.

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