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BulletProof Ad-Free 4.6 BulletProof Ad-Free 4.6
BulletProof Software

BulletProof Ad-Free - remove adverts and pop-ups from a wide range of browsers and other programs!Removes adverts, popups and general browsing annoyances from all popular browsers and web-utilizing programs (as well as most banner displaying and popup generating programs like ICQ, Morpheus, Kazaa, Grokster, Opera, PalTalk, iMesh, Bearshare, LimeWire, etc).

Ad Buster 1.1.2 Ad Buster 1.1.2
TPA Software

Ad Buster serves one purpose: to empower AOL users with the tools to regulate the amount of advertising they receive while signed onto the America Online service.

Popup Annihilator Pro 3.0 Popup Annihilator Pro 3.0
Solidlabs Technology

Popup Annihilator Pro is the software that increases speed by eliminating stress on your computers CPU and Internet line by removing annoying you popup windows.

BHODemon BHODemon
Definitive Solutions

Think of BHODemon as a guardian for your Internet browser: it protects you from unknown Browser Helper Objects (BHOs), by letting you enable/disable them individually.

Browser Hijack Blaster 1.0 Browser Hijack Blaster 1.0

Running silently in the background, Browser Hijack Blaster only springs into action when an attempt is made.

PopX 1.5 PopX 1.5
PopX Software

PopX is a popup killer fully integrated with Internet Explorer and provides incomparable user experience.

Popup Begone 2.2 Popup Begone 2.2

As Seen on Google! Popup Begone - Stops All Annoying Popups Forever.

AdKiller Daemon 1.0.16 Beta AdKiller Daemon 1.0.16 Beta
Manuel Alonso

AdKiller Daemon is a PopUp Killer; in other words: it closes those ad windows which open automatically while we are surfing.

Ad-aware 6 Build 181 Ad-aware 6 Build 181

Ad-aware is a small detection and removal tool that will comprehensively scan your computer for known Datamining, aggressive advertising, Parasites, Scumware, Keyloggers, selected traditional Trojans, Dialers, Malware, Browser hijackers and tracking components.

Ad Killer 7.1 Ad Killer 7.1

Ad Killer is a pop up stopper software, it can block any annoying pop up window during you surfing on the internet, Ad Killer will fully automatically block popups without the need of any configuration, you only need to install it on your computer, then Ad Killer will automatically be enabled when you launch your IE browser, and will be automatically exit after you closed all IE browser windows.

VG Banner Shooter 2.6 VG Banner Shooter 2.6
Vitaliy Tarasenko

VG Banner Shooter is an amazing banner blocking program.

Pop Stop V1A Pop Stop V1A
Universal Navigation, Co. Ltt

Pop ups are an increasing annoyance and takes away from an enjoyable web experience.

SpywareBlaster 3.5.1 SpywareBlaster 3.5.1

Prevent the installation of spyware and other potentially unwanted software! SpywareBlaster doesn't scan and clean for so-called spyware - it prevents it from being installed in the first place.

123WashAds Lite Edition 3.214 123WashAds Lite Edition 3.214
WashAll Co.,Ltd

With 123WashAds's Security feature, you can protect Browser default HomePage, restore default system settings changed by Malicious Script, disable Malicious Scripts for destroy Windows System or your files.

AnalogX CookieWall 1.01 AnalogX CookieWall 1.01

Online privacy is a big deal these days, with huge companies being formed every month to both protect and exploit information gathered about you.

MyProxy 9.3 MyProxy 9.3

MyProxy - Ad-Filter, Pop-Up Killer, HTTP/HTTPS/SMTP/POP3-Proxy, Port Mapper, Internet Dialer.

Spyware Killa 9.0 Spyware Killa 9.0
Spyware Killa

If you are like most people on the Net, you've most likely downloaded music, clicked a pop up, or ended up somewhere you didn't want to be.

Spy Guardian Pro 2.13e Spy Guardian Pro 2.13e

Spy Guardian Pro - scan and remove any spyware programs on your PC, and help protect yourself from password stealing and identify theft with Spy Guardian Pro.

Active Scripting Fast Disable 1.5 Active Scripting Fast Disable 1.5

Internet Explorer's Active Scripting "feature" is responsible for popup windows, scrolling status bar text, security holes, and other annoyances.

Popup Destructor 2.0 Popup Destructor 2.0
eSunSoft Technologies

Popup Destructor is an acknowledged popup killer to block popup ads in IE 5.

IEJet-Popup Killer and Ad Stopper 1.41 IEJet-Popup Killer and Ad Stopper 1.41
Retsina Software Solutions

It is a compact and efficent plug-in of Internet Explorer.

0Pop 2.05 0Pop 2.05
Proxymis Multimedia

Automatically detect ad popup window and non-ad popup in IE.

Instant Popup Maker by 1.53c Instant Popup Maker by 1.53c

The Instant Popup Maker from uuba.

MessageBlockerXP 1.0 MessageBlockerXP 1.0

PAL Spyware Remover 1.0 PAL Spyware Remover 1.0
PAL Solutions Ltd.

Spyware & Adware are files that can be installed on your computer even though you don't want them! They can allow companies to monitor your Internet browsing patterns, see what you purchase and even allow companies to inundate you with those annoying "pop up" ads! Worst of all, it's perfectly legal, because most of these Spyware Remover scans your computer for spyware and removes it with a single click.