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File and Folder Bookmark 3.0 File and Folder Bookmark 3.0

File and Folder Bookmark provides easy and quick access to favorite files, folders, and URL`s.

Sites2C 1.10 Sites2C 1.10
Yariv Habot

Sites2C helps the user maintain a list of sites to see at later time.

My Personal Favorites 3.3 My Personal Favorites 3.3
Webroot Software,Inc

My Personal Favorites runs hidden on your system so that no one else but you will know it is there.

AcqURL 7.3 AcqURL 7.3

AcqURL is designed to be a bookmark manager that uses a tabbed page metaphor to access groups of bookmarks, with each page holding up to 80 bookmarks.

URLBlaze 2.98 URLBlaze 2.98
Ran Gaeva

URLBlaze is a multi file search system integrating the power of verified web search and the robustness of its decentralized, peer-to-peer search system.

Linkman 7.90 Linkman 7.90
Outer Technologies

Linkman is a Web page monitor and URL manager.

URL Organizer 2.4.16 URL Organizer 2.4.16
Edward Leigh

Compact, fast, simple bookmark manager to store, organize, annotate, copy and backup large and/or multiple collections of Internet bookmarks/favorites and also shortcuts to programs, documents and folders.

LinkStash 2.0.12 LinkStash 2.0.12
xrayz software

LinkStash is an outstanding new bookmarks/favorites manager which works for Internet Explorer, Netscape 4.

Bookmark Converter 3. beta 2 Bookmark Converter 3. beta 2
Brading Software

Bookmark Converter allows you to convert or merge bookmarks between all big browser brands, in any direction: Internet Explorer, Mozilla and Firebird/Phoenix, Netscape, Opera, all versions.

Easy StartPage 2.0 Easy StartPage 2.0

Easy StartPage is an easy to use program that allows you to create your own internet startpage.

1st TurboRun Internet 1.0 1st TurboRun Internet 1.0
Green Parrots Software

Too many favorites? Not a problem anymore! You don't have to launch your browser and look through endless Favorites menu just to visit your favorite web site.

FavoritesView 1.32 FavoritesView 1.32

FavoritesView displays the list of all your Favorties (of Internet Explorer browser) and bookmarks (of Netscape/Mozilla browsers) in a single page.

Ultra Recall Professional 5.0 Ultra Recall Professional 5.0
Kinook Software Inc

Ultra Recall is a personal information/knowledge management application for Microsoft Windows.

FavSearch 1.5 FavSearch 1.5
Harmony Hollow Software

Is finding a particular site that you added to your Favorites last month like looking for a needle in a haystack? Can't remember which folder you saved a Favorite in? Let FavSearch put an end to your troubles.

Netsticker 1.0 Netsticker 1.0
Netsticker Technologies

With Netsticker you open up the Internet to a brand new world of graphic bookmarks, that apart from graphics containing logos and pictures of products, can hold basically everything you need in a bookmark.

Surf Buddy 1.0 Surf Buddy 1.0
Paraben Corporation

Try this Internet research assistant & scrapbook and organize your surfing.

AbcShortcuts IE Toolbar 1.0 AbcShortcuts IE Toolbar 1.0

Have all the web sites you use all the time available immediately by storing them in your own personal IE toolbar with 26 alphabetical buttons.

Bodie's Favorites 1.00 Bodie's Favorites 1.00
Marcelo Dato

Bodie's Favorites is a program with which will be able to generate a HTML file, with all the links that you possess as favorites Internet Explorer.

Link Manager 1.11 Link Manager 1.11
WestByte Software

Link Manager is intended to help you conveniently and effectively manage your favorite internet links.

SurfGem 3.1 SurfGem 3.1
GemX Software

At one time or another, we have all experienced the countless problems of keeping track of Internet URL addresses.

Find Favorites 3.00 SR4 Find Favorites 3.00 SR4
Carthago Software

Find Favorites will allow you to quickly find a link in the sometimes confusing folder that Internet Explorer keeps it's bookmarks (URL files).

PeerMark 2.0 PeerMark 2.0
Peer Creations

PeerMark will help you automatically organize and share your favorite browser bookmarks.

VisBookMarks 4.1 VisBookMarks 4.1
Rudenko Software

VisBookMarks will integrate with Internet Explorer and allows you to collect screen shots of Web pages.

Bookmark Wizard 2.01 Bookmark Wizard 2.01
Moon Software

Bookmark Wizard is a little software application with a simple wizard-like interface that generates an HTML page with all/selected links from your Internet Favorites folder.

Alphabetical Bookmark Collector 1.01 Alphabetical Bookmark Collector 1.01
CocoHolo Software

This tool displays your internet bookmarks in an alphabetical register.