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Off By One Browser 3.5d Off By One Browser 3.5d
Off By One Productions

Off By One Browser is an independent web browser that runs completely self-contained and does not require any other browser, that means it does not use the IE browsing engine.

Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1 Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1
Microsoft Corp.

Internet Explorer 6 SP1 is the next update to the Internet Explorer technologies representing general improvements to Internet Explorer 6.

WindowSurfer 1.9.20 WindowSurfer 1.9.20
WindowSurfer Software

WindowSurfer is a web browsing application with a 'Automatic Login' feature.

MSN Explorer 5.50.4134.600 MSN Explorer 5.50.4134.600
Microsoft Corp.

MSN Explorer is the all-in-one software application from Microsoft that will make it easy to get more from the Web.

27 Tools-in-1 Wichio Browser 5.10 27 Tools-in-1 Wichio Browser 5.10
Revopoint Co Ltd

Wichio is a Web browser with built-in 27 popular and useful Internet utilities such as Block Pop-up windows, Download Manager, IP-URL Checker, Email Alerts, Web Update Alerts, Pre-fetch to speed up your web surfing, Delete History, Cache and Cookies, Fast Search, Auto Connect/Disconnect, Keep Connection Alive, Show System Resources, Show IP Address, Whois, Traceroute, Talking Reminders, Dictionaries, skins, etc.

32bit Web Browser 16.08.01 32bit Web Browser 16.08.01

32bit Web Browser is easy to use is very fast.

550 Access Browser 3.0.18 550 Access Browser 3.0.18

550 Access Browser – fast, easy, and free.

Optimal Desktop Standard 5.0 r220 Optimal Desktop Standard 5.0 r220
Optimal Access, Inc.

Surf multiple web pages and desktop folders simultaneously inside a tabbed windowing interface.

Ghostzilla 1.0.1 Ghostzilla 1.0.1

Ghostzilla browser for Windows is a tool that shields you from the looks of people around you, when they try to see if you are surfing the Web.

Discrete Browser 1.0 Discrete Browser 1.0
Pewter Software

Discrete Browser is a web browser (like Internet Explorer) with special features which allow much greater privacy for your online surfing experience.

Gotta Know Now - Web Page Watcher 2.6p Gotta Know Now - Web Page Watcher 2.6p
Patrick DiRienzo

Gotta Know Now continuously watches the web pages that you specify for words, phrases, or text that you specify.

YazaaWeb iBrowser 1.1.0 YazaaWeb iBrowser 1.1.0

The world's first voice recognition browser has arrived.

AutomaticSearch Investigator 2.5 AutomaticSearch Investigator 2.5
AutomaticSearch Investigator

AutomaticSearch Investigator is a people finder and public records search tool.

Secure Browser 2.0 Secure Browser 2.0
Tropical Software

Secure Browser offers the administrator the ability to control where the user navigates on the internet through the use of key words and specified URLs.

Navigator Elegance 1.0 Navigator Elegance 1.0

Navigator Elegance Is A Full Fledged Internet Navigator With Elegant Design! Tired of the same old look of your internet browser? It's time to try our newest and most elegant navigator, Navigator Elegance.

Source Code Browser 2.1 Source Code Browser 2.1
Rebrand Software, LLC

Don't you hate those webpages that try to prevent you from viewing their source code or saving images by disabling Right-Click? Now you can view the source of any webpage, as well as save any image from a webpage, using this source browser software! It works just like internet explorer, and can even be added to the internet explorer toolbar! Gets past any form of "right click" protection, no matter what script or programming language the author used! As you browse, the source code for each page you view is loaded into the "Source Code" section of the program! As you browse, each image on the page is displayed in the "Images" section, where they can be saved to your computer! Each image displayed in the Images section is shown with the image name and full URL to the image! The program can be added to the "Tools" menu in Internet Explorer! When viewing the source code, all references to images are hyperlinked! Does not Contain any Adware, Spyware, or other Third Party Software.

SubmitWebsiteFree 1.2.1 SubmitWebsiteFree 1.2.1

SubmitWebsiteFree is Powerful Web Browser, one-click web form filler.

ATOM Browser 1.22 ATOM Browser 1.22
Cristian Englert

AT@M Browser is a multitabbed browser based on Internet Explorer core, but which extends some of it's functionality.

MixBrowser 1.7 MixBrowser 1.7

My Internet eXperience Browser is a fast, secure and powerful tabbed browser, with unique offline capabilities.

AEVITA Save Flash 1.5 AEVITA Save Flash 1.5
AEVITA Software Ltd.

AEVITA Save Flash lets you easily save flash movies right from Internet Explorer.

DLinkz DLinkz

DLinkz (tree view style links launcher) allows you to instantly access and launch links/shortcuts stored in you Favorites folder.

WinWAP Smartphone Browser Emulator 1.2 WinWAP Smartphone Browser Emulator 1.2
Winwap Technologies Oy

WinWAP Smartphone Browser Emulator let's you use WAP services on your Windows PC.

NeoPlanet 5.1 build 1262 NeoPlanet 5.1 build 1262

The NeoPlanet Browser was designed to be fun and easy to use and will put the best of the Web at your fingertips.

Web Lightning XP 3.0.1 Web Lightning XP 3.0.1
Xenon Inc.

Industry award winner Web Lightning XP is a powerful program that noticably speeds up loading times to websites you visit often.

WebTouch WebTouch

Web Touch program is the most stable and secure Internet browser especially adapted for self-service public information terminals with Touch Screen and kiosks.