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Smart Bomb PC Shutdown Smart Bomb PC Shutdown
Nulidex Systems

Smart Bomb PC Shutdown is a power-off utility with intelligence.

ID Shutdown Manager 2.5 ID Shutdown Manager 2.5
Librarysmith Software

ID Shutdown Manager has been designed to log-off, reboot, shutdown, switch-on (Wake on LAN), audit hardware/software or execute programs remotely on networked computers running Microsoft Windows from a remote location on a network.

Parallaxis Smart Launch 1.0 Parallaxis Smart Launch 1.0
Parallaxis software

Smart Launch is a fast and powerful utility for people who prefer keyboard to mouse.

HSLAB Shutdown Folder 1.8.9 HSLAB Shutdown Folder 1.8.9
Handy Software Lab

HSLAB Shutdown Folder is a utility which provides a service analogous to the Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP "Startup" folder.

EMCO Remote Shutdown Professional EMCO Remote Shutdown Professional
Emco Software Ltd.

EMCO Remote Shutdown Professional is a machine shutdown utility.

12Ghosts ShutDown 9.70 12Ghosts ShutDown 9.70
12Ghosts Inc

ShutDown with one click or with one key stroke.

Jet start 3.0 Jet start 3.0
Code Sector Inc.

Desktop getting cluttered? Loosing valuable time finding programs or documents? Organize your stuff the way you want! JetStart provides you alternative methods of launching applications.


RSHUT Pro is a powerful solution for PC power managing.

AzureTray 2.2 AzureTray 2.2
Azure Desktop

Ever wish your favorite application or web link could be started from the system tray? AzureTray makes it happen.

Launch-n-Go 3.0 Launch-n-Go 3.0
Tethys Solutions, LLC

Launch-n-Go is a Program Launcher, Text Inserter, Keyboard Shortcut Manager & Desktop Toolbar and a very smart multiaction productivity software.

Task Killer 2.25 Task Killer 2.25
RSD Software

This program allows you to quickly and safely terminate "frozen" applications with our "Smart Kill" technology.

Task Commander 2.5 Task Commander 2.5
Resort Labs

Task Commander is a program designed to make it easier to launch, manage, and monitor applications.

Startup Manager Platinum 2004 1.0.1 Startup Manager Platinum 2004 1.0.1
Garf Inc.

Startup Manager Platinum 2004 offers an easy solution for viewing programs that startup when your windows operating system is loaded.

PS Hot Folders 2.2 PS Hot Folders 2.2
PS Soft Lab

Using PS Hot Folders special easily configured menu, you can quickly go to the folder that you want in standard Windows Open, Save As and Browse dialogs (Microsoft Office dialogs are supported too) or quickly open the folder that you need in Windows Explorer.

Startup Guru 2.2 Startup Guru 2.2
Lincoln Beach Software

Startup Guru will manage the application that load on your Windows computer each time it starts.

Launch Express 1.10.0 Launch Express 1.10.0
Nextriver Software

Launch Express is a small utility, but it makes a big difference.

WinControl 3 WinControl 3
HALAN Corporation

WinControl is an easy-to-use trigger based automation-tool, which can perform various tasks on demand.

Batch Launcher 1.1.4 Batch Launcher 1.1.4
Nikolay Enin

Batch Launcher allows launching several applications by one click.

Startup Firewall 2.0 Startup Firewall 2.0
Innovative Solutions

Innovative Startup Firewall protects your computer from programs that insert themselves into the Windows startup in order to start automatically when you start your computer.

ExitWin 2004.07.03 ExitWin 2004.07.03
Serge M Botans

Discover how this program will help you with the problem of having unattended computers left running for long periods of time by swtiching them off for you at a set time each day.

IntegryDESK 1.41 IntegryDESK 1.41

Convenient and simple Program Launcher adding two toolbars to the sides of the screen.

Auto Power-on Shut-down Lite 1.32 Auto Power-on Shut-down Lite 1.32

Make your computer resume from power-off state , control your computer's shutdown and startup automatically.

AppPlus 4.0.3 AppPlus 4.0.3

AppPlus is a menu bar or tray launcher that docks to your desktop, floats, or sits in your system tray.

KeepAlive Pro 6.2 KeepAlive Pro 6.2
PB Software, LLC.

KeepAlive Pro was developed to be the answer to software application failures.

Perfect Shutdown 2.5 Perfect Shutdown 2.5
Magic Network Inc.

Perfect Shutdown for Windows is an easy to use programthat allows you to automatically shutdown, reboot, logoff your computer.