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AutoMove 1.9.4 AutoMove 1.9.4

AutoMove is a service, which moves, copies and renames files/direcotries on hard disks by user defined criteria.

LogonStudio 1.0 LogonStudio 1.0
Stardock Corporation, Inc.

LogonStudio allows users to easily customize new logon screens for Windows XP.

Parallaxis Winclip Parallaxis Winclip

WinClip is an inexpensive, well supported, flexible application, that works across all the applications, coexists with Windows XP/2k/NT/95/98 and Excel, Word 97/2/XP.

XDESK 4.66 XDESK 4.66
XDESK Software

XDESK represents a very powerful & stable Virtual Desktop Manager / Desktop Assistant - features Quick View, AppBar, powerful rules, Reminders & Alarms, CPU meter, Applications AutoRestart, Memory Cleaner, TaskList, HotKeys, HotMouse, Mouse-Scrolling, Mouse-Knocking, HotCorners and more ! The major reasons why you would like to use XDESK are: · much better stability and safety than any similar product; · far more powerful and more customizable than its competitors; · huge number of features but well integrated; · last but not least - the product is very well supported and updated when need comes, so you will not be left with a program that won`t work on your next computer.

CSDiff 5.0 CSDiff 5.0
ComponentSoftware Inc

CSDiff is an advanced file-difference analysis tool for Windows.

Y'z Shadow 1.9 Y'z Shadow 1.9

Y'z Shadow is an enhancement software which adds a shadow effect to Windows in pursuit of the beauty of a shadow.

Pathbuddy 1.1 Pathbuddy 1.1

Pathbuddy lets you define hotkeys for selecting folders in almost any program's Open & Save dialog (as well as Windows Explorer).

DocCommander 1.20.10 DocCommander 1.20.10

DocCommander - got tired trying to open a file? Probably answer will be "yes".

ShellToys XP 5.2.3 ShellToys XP 5.2.3

ShellToys XP puts the tools you need right where you need them – just a click away on your context menu.

Logitech MouseWare Advanced Utility Logitech MouseWare Advanced Utility

Following the release of the highly anticipated MouseWare 9.

Windows Server 2003 Administration Tools Pack Final Build 3790 Windows Server 2003 Administration Tools Pack Final Build 3790

The adminpak allows administrators to install the Windows Server 2003 management tools onto a Windows XP Professional or Windows Server 2003 family machines to perform remote server management functions.

Dirkey 2.0a Dirkey 2.0a

Dirkey is a small utility that enables you to define bookmarks for folders and go back to these bookmarked folders from within File Open/Save dialogs and Windows Explorer.

NextSTART 11.10 NextSTART 11.10
Winstep Software Technologies

NextSTART, by Winstep Software Technologies, is a powerful, skinnable, and dynamic pop-up menu that can be used as a replacement or supplement to the Windows Start Menu.

WinTiles Plus - Automated Windows Organizer 1.2 WinTiles Plus - Automated Windows Organizer 1.2
SOHO Evolution, LLC

Unleash the real potential of Windows.

LogonUI Boot Randomizer 3.9.60 LogonUI Boot Randomizer 3.9.60

LogonUI Boot RandomizerIt's a Logon and Boot screens manager for WinXP (based on an idea by M.

Codename: Dashboard 2. Beta 1 Codename: Dashboard 2. Beta 1
Stop Networks

Codename: Dashboard is a program that docks to the side of your screen and acts as a host for interchangeable components.

SendTo Magic 3.0.3 SendTo Magic 3.0.3
Donovan Dunning

SendTo Magic helps you copy and move files faster by making it easier for you to choose where you want them to go.

Desktop Sidebar 1.05 Build 116 Desktop Sidebar 1.05 Build 116

Desktop Sidebar is docked to the edge of the screen and displays not only your appointments, tasks and e-mails but also shows other useful information such as news downloaded from the Internet.

12Ghosts ShellX 9.70 12Ghosts ShellX 9.70
12Ghosts Inc

12Ghosts ShellX can add new commands to the Explorer context menu.

Driver Collector 1.2 Driver Collector 1.2
Bassam Abdel-Rahaman Himmo

Driver Collector finds and collects the installed driver files for the hardware you select on your PC.

Just Stuff 2.1 Just Stuff 2.1

Just Stuff is an all-in-one application with a lot of useful utilities.

SnapFolders 2005 SnapFolders 2005
Mats Hindhede

A great tool for any Windows user, SnapFolders will enable you to create shortcuts to your favorite folders really fast.

CoolTabs CoolTabs
Alerma Software

2kXPWant a quick, easy way of having hundreds of shortcuts, documents, folders only a click away? Want to clear off those annoying shortcuts covering your desktop? CoolTabs is a powerful application designed to tidy up your desktop and provide a fast way for organizing and opening your applications, folders, shortcuts and documents which you frequently access.

Open+ Expert 2.1 Open+ Expert 2.1
Capio Corporation

Whereas the core of Open+ offers a way of controlling your associations by overriding them without actually altering them.

Advanced Uninstaller PRO 12.22 Advanced Uninstaller PRO 12.22
Innovative Solutions

Advanced Uninstaller PRO is an easy-to-use Windows application uninstaller that makes your computer run more efficiently by removing software and files that were left behind after you uninstalled software that you no longer use.