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Open Drive 1.2 Open Drive 1.2

Open Drive will appear in the bottom right hand corner of your screen when a new storage device is attached to your computer.

Automatic System Cleaner 2007 Automatic System Cleaner 2007

Automatic System cleaner is an easy-to-use utility that cleans your computer on a manual and scheduled basis.

RapidFetch 1 RapidFetch 1
AlithiaTec Consulting

As-you-type search result filtering, search multiple folders simultaneously, launch files all over your hard disk in seconds,partial searches.

Mouse Pro 1.0 Mouse Pro 1.0
Mouse Pro Team

Utility Mouse Pro is unique and consequently you will not find here phrases like "it favourably differs from any other".

Right PDF Printer Pro 2.3 Right PDF Printer Pro 2.3 Software Develo

Unlike most applications that require third part PS to PDF converters, Right PDF printer Pro is one of the very few that doesn't require any other third part software to create PDF.

Volumizer 2.0.1 Volumizer 2.0.1
Dave Lehman

Volumizer is a free tool that wil allow you to save "sound schemes" of your system's volume settings, similar to how Windows now lets you save "color schemes" under Display Properties.

PC Sleep 2 PC Sleep 2

PC sleep is a "Sleep" timer for your computer.

USB Safely Remove 5.4.6 USB Safely Remove 5.4.6

USB Safely Remove represents a convenient and multifunctional replacement for the standard Safely Remove Hardware icon.

Links Librarian 2.2 Links Librarian 2.2
BoneSoft Software

Links Librarian allows you to organize and manage links to various local and remote files folders and URLs.

Key Management Service 1.0 Key Management Service 1.0

Microsoft Key Management Service for Windows Server 2003 is part of Microsoft Windows Volume Activation 2.

Alax.Info Be Informed 1.0.2 Alax.Info Be Informed 1.0.2


Stack Shot 1.0 Stack Shot 1.0

Stack Shot application injects itself into a remote process and uses the Windows symbol engine to take a snap-shot of all the threads in the process.

STMPRaw 1.1 STMPRaw 1.1
Milika Delic

STMPRaw is a software application made for raw printing to LPT ports.

VMware Converter 3.0.0 Build 36853 VMware Converter 3.0.0 Build 36853
VMware Inc

VMware Converter is the too you need to Convert Physical Machines to Virtual Machines - you can now use the intuitive wizard-driven interface of VMware Converter to convert your physical machines to virtual machines.

MCE Mover 1.0 MCE Mover 1.0
Martin Zeman

MCE Mover application is a tool what enables to use Microsoft Windows Media Center User Interface in a configuration with two or more displays connected to HTPC computer.

Filesofdir 1.0 Filesofdir 1.0
Bindesh Kumar Singh

Filesofdir will dump specific directory contents.

RSI-Shield RSI-Shield

RSI-Shield represents the only application that not only provides breaks, but also really fights RSI actively.

Outsmart Restart 1.0 Outsmart Restart 1.0

Skip rebooting your PC and avoid annoyances associated with programs that keep asking you to restart your computer.

Service Reanimator 1.03 Service Reanimator 1.03

Service Reanimator is a software application able to monitor local and network services.

Gizmo Drive 2.0.5 Gizmo Drive 2.0.5
Arainia Solutions

Gizmo Drive is a useful tool that serves two main purposes: virtual CD-ROM drive (ISO/IMG files) and encrypted, virtual hard drive.

Gizmo Village 2.0.11 Gizmo Village 2.0.11
Arainia Solutions

Gizmo Village is a suite of useful utilities for computer power users.

Process Stopper - Spoolsv 1.2 Process Stopper - Spoolsv 1.2

process stopper spoolsv is a free and small windows xp based program for stopping the annoying and un-needed system process spoolsv.

XSubst 2.2.14 XSubst 2.2.14
Luke Filewalker

XSubst is a freeware tool for managing subst drives and net drives with a lot of comfort.

Data Advisor 5.00 Data Advisor 5.00
Kroll Ontrack Inc

Data Advisor is a simple, yet powerful computer diagnostic tool for assessing the condition of your computer system.

CPUlight CPUlight

CPUlight is an AHK scrip that helps you run application on low CPU level.