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DzSoft Slide Show DzSoft Slide Show
DzSoft Ltd

DzSoft Slide Show is a Windows shell extension that allows you to view groups of images as a slide show instantly from Windows Explorer - just select them and choose an appropriate item of the context menu.

SlowView v1.0 RC2 Updated SlowView v1.0 RC2 Updated
Nikolaus Brennig

SlowView is a free multimedia viewer.

IconCool Manager 6.21.14111 IconCool Manager 6.21.14111
Newera Software Technology

IconCool is a powerful application to create, extract, manage, convert, modify, search, enlarge or reduce icons.

My Thumbnailer 2.0 My Thumbnailer 2.0
ImageTools Group

My Thumbailer provides for comfort of search and browsing graphic pictures on your computer.

Cheez 3.3 Cheez 3.3
Dimitris Giannitsaros

Cheez is a powerful, yet easy to use, image cataloguing tool.

Instant ThumbView 1.8.6 Instant ThumbView 1.8.6

Instant ThumbView is a tiny image viewer that displays image thumbnails in a tooltip window, when mouse pointer is hovered over an image file in Windows Explorer.

Snow Viewer 2.0 Snow Viewer 2.0
Snow Viewer Team

Snow Viewer is a powerful tool designed to manage, slideshow, backup and edit Windows images.

ACDSee PowerPack 7 ACDSee PowerPack 7
ACD Systems

ACDSee is an award-winning picture viewer, graphic converter and digital image management tool.

AllnView 3.7.2 AllnView 3.7.2
RLeg Software

AllnView is a powerful and user friendly picture viewer loaded with features.

jSaver 2.1.1 jSaver 2.1.1

jSaver will let you display all of your pictures one at a time automatically! You just select the folder and the amount of time you want each picture displayed and jSaver takes over from there! Now you can scan in all those vacation, holiday, children and pet pictures and really show them off! jSaver will manage the color correction and make sure that the picture can be fully displayed on your screen.

EZ-Pix 8.0 EZ-Pix 8.0
Xequte Software

EZ-Pix is a fast, powerful viewer with support for all common image formats.

3D Photo Browser for 3D Users 11.04 3D Photo Browser for 3D Users 11.04

3D Photo Browser Pro is a must application for viewing, editing and organizing your images, 3D files and audio files.

Lightbox 3.0 Lightbox 3.0

Lightbox is the breakthrough file browser for all graphic designers, Web designers and digital photographers! Lightbox is small, fast, and supports over 150 file formats including all popular image, digital camera, web, video, audio, and document files.

eZ 4.0.85 eZ 4.0.85

eZ is an easy-to-use, simple and free universal viewer for CAD Drawings, PDF, digital photos, Microsoft Office documents, 3D Models and eZ presentation documents.

GMView 1.51 GMView 1.51
Gaa Moa

GMView will add a preview picture to the context menu for all supported image formats.

3D Photo Browser Light 11.04 3D Photo Browser Light 11.04

3D Photo Browser Light is a file explorer, which makes editing, viewing and organizing your images, 3D files and audio files easier.

PixVue 1.1.0 PixVue 1.1.0

PixVue will make it really easy for you to add text to images.

MiniLog 1.1.0 MiniLog 1.1.0

MiniLog is a utility for sorting, cataloging and viewing picture files (bmp, gif and jpg).

Alteros 3D 3.0 Alteros 3D 3.0
Lighttek Software

Alteros 3D is a 3D/2D graphic file viewer which has a customizable interface!.

PicaView 2.0 PicaView 2.0
ACD Systems

PicaView 2.

PictureRelate 2.6.3 PictureRelate 2.6.3
Dr. Axel Walthelm

PictureRelate compares pictures by similarity.

JPG Collager 1.2 JPG Collager 1.2
Slashback Software

JPEG Collager is a JPEG (and BMP) viewer which shows each image in a window without any border.

Image Browser 1.0b7 Image Browser 1.0b7

Image Browser was designed to allow "browsing" though a huge image (defined here as "several time your screen resolution") without the huge amount of RAM this usualy requires.

Firehand Lightning 4.1.1 Firehand Lightning 4.1.1
Firehand Technologies Corporation

Firehand Lightning is the latest edition of the award-winning photo display and distribution system from Firehand Technologies Where Firehand Ember provides tools for browsing, culling through, and editing your images, Firehand Lightning allows you to group, show, and share them in a whole new way! Use Lightning to bundle your photo sets together with background imagery, audio annotations, free-form captions, fast-loading embedded previews, searchable keywords, a title page, and other display elements -- all in a single file! The resulting encapsulated photo collections can be indexed using Lightning's proof sheet generator, instantly converted into photo gallery websites using Lightning's HTML generator, and automatically posted to Internet newsgroups using Lightning's powerful USENET posting module.

Mars Rovers Raw Data Browser 1.0 Mars Rovers Raw Data Browser 1.0

Mars rovers raw data browser allows you to easily navigate the listing of raw images from the JPL/NASA website.