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CoffeeCup GIF Animator 7.6 CoffeeCup GIF Animator 7.6
CoffeeCup Software

Easy-to-use tool for creating Web animations.

Pixel 1.0 Beta6 bld 560 Pixel 1.0 Beta6 bld 560
Pavel Kanzelsberger

Pixel is a powerfull image/animation painting/editing and retouching program.

EVE 3.02 EVE 3.02
Barry Kauler

EVE is an incredible shrinking editor for vector graphics, taking up only 55 Kbytes yet extremely powerful.

UnderCoverXP 1.2 UnderCoverXP 1.2

UnderCoverXP is a free software that will help you easily print CD covers.

Adobe Illustrator 10 Adobe Illustrator 10

AdobeIllustrator 10 software defines the future of vector graphics with groundbreaking creative options and powerful tools for efficiently publishing artwork on the Web, in print, everywhere.

BlackMagic Pro Edition 2.84 BlackMagic Pro Edition 2.84

BlackMagic Professional Ed.

RenderGold 2.5 RenderGold 2.5
RenderGold Software

If you like very beautiful computer graphics, then this program is designed especially for you! RenderGold allows you to render 3D wallpaper and seamless backgrounds, 3D knots and rosettes, 3D buttons, bullets, decorative borders and other web graphics.

Easy Button Creator 2.0 Easy Button Creator 2.0
Image Tools Group

Easy Button Creator is intended for easy creation of 3D buttons.

iRedSoft Image Resizer 5.45 iRedSoft Image Resizer 5.45
iRedSoft Technology Inc

Batch Image Resizer is a windows-based program which resize and converts JPG, BMP, PNG, Photoshop, PCX, Targa images.

Real Draw 3.1 Real Draw 3.1

Real-DRAW Pro happily combine vector, 2D, 3D and bitmap editing in one drawing package.

Image Analyzer 1.27 Image Analyzer 1.27

Image Analyzer is a useful image editing, enhancement and analysis application that supports JPEG 2, BMP, CUR, ICO, WMF, EMF, PNG, JPEG and PCX for read/write and RAS, PNM, PGM, PPM, HIPS for reading.

X'SqueezeMe 5.04 X'SqueezeMe 5.04

X'SqueezeMe! is a Batch Image Processor.

Photolightning 4.0 Photolightning 4.0
Photolightning Corp

Photolightning is the ultimate photo software for both home and business digital camera users.

PhotoResizer 2.01 PhotoResizer 2.01
Show Your Photos

PhotoResizer is a tool to resize or reduce photos for the purpose of email and web pages.

Image Styles Pack 4.5 Image Styles Pack 4.5

Image Styles is a way to make an unlimited amount of beautiful and photo realistic graphic images in a minimal amount of time.

Texture Maker 3.1 Texture Maker 3.1
Reichert Software Engineering

Texture Maker is a seamless texture generator and designer.

Genetica 2.0 Genetica 2.0
Spiral Graphics Inc.

Genetica is Spiral Graphics' latest texture editor.

3D Button Visual Editor 5.0 3D Button Visual Editor 5.0
MultiMedia Soft

3D Button Visual Editor is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) software application that allows the user to create outstanding 3D buttons to give a more effective look to web sites and stand alone applications.

Antechinus Photo Magic 6.0 Antechinus Photo Magic 6.0
C Point

Photo Magic is an image editing tool that is great for: * Musical slide shows.

Digital Photo Resizer 2006 Digital Photo Resizer 2006
Icegiant Software

The award winning Digital Photo Resizer quickly and accurately resizes a mass of photos at once ( JPGs, GIFs, PNGs and BMPs ).

BatchMagic 1.2 BatchMagic 1.2
Mike Smith

BatchMagic has been specifically designed to allow fast & easy resizing of multiple images with a single click of the mouse.

RoboGEO 6.3.2 RoboGEO 6.3.2
TimTech Computer

Georeference digital images with latitude, longitude, and altitude information.

Easy Frame Creator 2.1 Easy Frame Creator 2.1
Image Tools Group

Easy Frame Creator is intended for quick and easy creation of image frames.

IT Image Optimizer 1.01 IT Image Optimizer 1.01
IT Software

IT Image Optimizer is used to optimize pictures in most popular graphic formats.

Canvas Professional Edition 9.0.4 Canvas Professional Edition 9.0.4
ACD Systems

CANVAS 9 Professional Edition is the high-performance drawing environment for professionals in business, science, and engineering.