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Raduga 3.9 Raduga 3.9
WoLoSoft International

Raduga is a music automation software programme, ideal for radio stations, clubs, pubs, shops etc.

Joiner 1.1 Joiner 1.1
Webline, Ltd

Joiner is application intended for joining of multimedia files.

ZynAddSubFX 2.2.1 ZynAddSubFX 2.2.1
Nasca Octavian Paul

ZynAddSubFX is a opensource software synthesizer capable of making a countless number of instruments, from some common heared from expensive hardware to interesting sounds that you'll boost to an amazing universe of sounds.

Super Mp3 Recorder Pro 6.0 Super Mp3 Recorder Pro 6.0
Admire Soft Co., Ltd

Super Mp3 Recorder Professional, the powerful recorder, editor and player, makes a complete recording studio of your computer.

DSS DJ 5.1 DSS DJ 5.1

DSS DJ is a professional mp3 mixing software with precise automatic BPM counter and automatic one-click BEAT MATCHING and synchronization.

Soundmasker 7.0 Soundmasker 7.0
Relaxing Software

Sound Masker generates various types of noise.

Wizard Master Control Program 3 Wizard Master Control Program 3

The Wizard Master Control Program is a very odd experimental loop-based MIDI sequencer and drum machine.

AtomixMP3 1.12 AtomixMP3 1.12
Atomix Productions

AtomixMP3, the best MP3 DJ mix software now available, was developed to make the technical aspect of djing literally as simple as clicking a mouse.

Revitar 1 Revitar 1

Revitar is capable of producing a wide range of guitar sounds from acoustic to slap bass.

SawCutter 2.0 SawCutter 2.0

Regain control of your sounds.

Dreamer 1.0 Dreamer 1.0
Ultrano Software

Dreamer is an expandable virtual studio, that discards the need to have expensive hardware to create multitrack music.

Z-Tuner 1.0 Z-Tuner 1.0
Jumatek Inc.

The Z-Tuner is a user configurable 12 window pitch tuner and music analyzer with an easy to read and intuitive display.

MP3DJ Broadcast 3.1 MP3DJ Broadcast 3.1

Special Features of MP3DJ Broadcast - Radio Automation Software Play music without interruptions and Insert playlists with commercials at defined day times, options are: after a defined period of time for example 10 seconds, or at the end of the current playing song.

MP3DJ 3.0 MP3DJ 3.0

Is a music mixing software mostly for home and personal use.

Melodic ID 5.0 Melodic ID 5.0
Kba Software

Melodic ID provides college and conservatory level, unlimited, graduated melodic dictation in simple and compound meters with immediate feedback and scoring.

G-tune 2.50 G-tune 2.50
JHC SoftWare

G-tune, our musical instrument tuning software, is now 6 years old.

Happy DJ 2.6 Happy DJ 2.6

Happy DJ makes your sound box and your music resource shared by others.

Serenade 1.0.2 Serenade 1.0.2
Jos Maas

Serenade is tool to add text to a midifile (.

Professional Metronome 1.9 Professional Metronome 1.9
Storm Software

Professional Metronome is a very useful and advanced metronome utility for professional musicians.

Symbolic Composer 5.1 3D Symbolic Composer 5.1 3D
MRAC Publishing

Symbolic Composer is the largest and most popular music language available for computers -- now with powerful VRML 3D Macros, that let the composer fuse together music and architecture.

MIDIView 1.1 MIDIView 1.1

MIDIView is a utility to aid in previewing and printing MIDI files in musical notation.

Power Mixer 2.10 Power Mixer 2.10
Actual Solution

Power Mixer is an advanced Volume Control replacement application for Windows.

Rhino 1.04 Rhino 1.04
Big Tick

Rhino is a synthesist's dream machine, that features 6 oscillators per voice (with more than 130 built-in waveforms and the ability to import your own), this program is made for big sounds.

UZUNER Broadcast Recording System 1.5 UZUNER Broadcast Recording System 1.5

Our product is created for Radio Stations and similar.

MIDI Auto-Accompaniment Section 2.2 MIDI Auto-Accompaniment Section 2.2
Michael Brick

MIDI Auto-Accompaniment Section is a software which offers all major features of a high quality MIDI keyboard.