SawCutter 2.0

SawCutter 2.0 Screenshot Regain control of your sounds.

Developer:   CutterMusic
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Regain control of your sounds. SawCutter 2.0 is a software synthesizer that enables you to hand draw waveforms and envelopes. The timbre of each sound can be tweaked from mellow acoustic to harsh synthetic.

Many new effects and an expanded sequencer for creating entire songs. Up to four instruments can be used at one time. Each instrument may use one of eight waveforms and eight sets of envelopes. Wave files can be imported into SawCutter and run through the same effects and envelopes. Complete MIDI control.


  • Complete MIDI control
  • Expanded Sequencer
  • 32 patterns per instrument (maximum of 64 notes per pattern.)
  • New effects, greater control over waveform harmonics
  • Greatly reduced latency
  • Refined user interface

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    SawCutter 2.0 screenshot

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