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Revitar 1 Screenshot Revitar is capable of producing a wide range of guitar sounds from acoustic to slap bass.

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Revitar is capable of producing a wide range of guitar sounds from acoustic to slap bass. Revitar employs unique string simulation software to model the position, velocity and momentum of 120 points along each guitar string 44,100 times a second.

This string simulation is capable of modeling sympathetic resonance, slap effects, pluck position and vibrato along with many others. All of this is done without the use of sound samples, so no two notes sound exactly alike.

For ease of use, a chord section is included so that entire chords can be played with a single keystroke. Nine types of chords may be chosen from, along with the rate and direction from which to strum the chord. For solos, a mono switch can also be used to play all notes on the same string.


  • Complete MIDI control
  • Controls for bass, treble and sympathetic resonance
  • Control note duration with three types of damping: bridge, string and palm
  • Vibrato
  • Adjust the position of plucking and pick up
  • Change the height of the frets
  • Adjust the type of string from one that is round wound to one that is flat wound
  • Automatically play 7 types of chords
  • 4 to 8 note polyphonic

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