Feature Creature 2.0

Feature Creature 2.0 Screenshot Feature Creature is an automated feature downloader.

Developer:   Master Technology
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License:   Shareware
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OS:   Windows Vista (?)
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Feature Creature is an automated feature downloader.Feature Creature enables you to retrieve online comics, columns, puzzles and other content and view it from a integrated browser interface, rather than visiting each of the sites.

The current database includes almost 400 features like Peanuts, Foxtrot, Userfriendly, Dilbert, etc. If you forget to download your content for a couple days; the next time you run Feature Creature it will catch you up and download any features for the missing days.


  • Downloads several "Features" at the same time
  • (Configurable based on your connection).
  • Internal & External feature viewers.
  • Several method to view your features.
  • Supports any site a browser would.
  • Won't download the entire page(s); it only downloads your "Feature".
  • Save your Time & your Bandwidth.
  • Automatic updates.

  • The only difference in the shareware version and the registered version is the number of features that comes with it -- the Shareware has fewer comics available.

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    Feature Creature 2.0 screenshot

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