Carlanthano 4.5.1740

Carlanthano 4.5.1740 Screenshot Carlanthano is a jukebox for Windows.

Developer:   KanastaCorp
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OS:   Windows Vista (?)
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Carlanthano is a jukebox for Windows. It creates a playlist of multimedia files and can be left to play them in the taskbar while you work.

Carlanthano has all the playmodes you are used to in your real life HiFi systems and some new ones.

Carlanthano has a lot of customizable characteristics and management tools for your songs, including ID3v2 tag support, play timers, song favorites, and custom playrates.

Carlanthano uses the same MCI drivers that media player uses, and will help you make the most out of your multimedia collections.

Carlanthano features
  • Carlanthano is designed to play like a HiFi
  • The program can store extra information about your files, such as the Artist and Album name
  • Carlanthano can also set which songs are your favorites and let them play more often
  • Carlanthano can also categorise your songs by entering the category for each song
  • Carlanthano also has album management tools: removing duplicates listings or files that no longer
  • Carlanthano also includes a very customisable interface, and has extensive error detection in dealing with unsupported file formats

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    Carlanthano 4.5.1740 screenshot

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