WISE FTP 3.0.3

WISE FTP 3.0.3 Screenshot WISE FTP is a powerful and user-friendly FTP client.

Developer:   AceBIT GmbH
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WISE FTP is a powerful and user-friendly FTP client. It supports drag & drop of files, simultaneous transmissions of files and directories and resumption of interrupted transfers, to name just a few of its main functions.

The free trial version may be used for 30 days without any restrictions!


  • Connect to any desired FTP server.
  • Easy to handle: Work with FTP servers as if they were local files and directories, like in Windows Explorer.
  • Use all features that you need to easily manage your FTP serversy: delete, rename, copy, change properties of remote files and directories, and many more functions.
  • Drag-and-drop files and directories between local and remote system.
  • Simultaneous transfers of several files to one or more servers.
  • Import FTP accounts directly from your provider with just one mouse click without having to type in URLs, passwords or user names manually (Note: this feature is currently only supported by 1&1 and Schlund & Partner).
  • Manage your FTP servers in directories.
  • Quick view of files with the internal viewer or the appropriate Windows program.
  • Wise-FTP Scheduler! Use this new convenient tool for your transfers.
  • Integration of Windows Explorer.
  • Synchronization of directories including all subdirectories between your local system and FTP server.
  • Move files and directories directly to the FTP server - without having to download them to the local system first..
  • Remember transfer tasks! Save recurring transfers to reload them later with only a few mouse clicks.
  • Search for files on the FTP server.
  • Create and organize favorites.
  • Edit files directly on the FTP server (use external or internal editor and re-load files afterwards).
  • Run file operations (create, delete etc. files/directories) on your local system.
  • Sounds for different actions (configurable).
  • Search and find log files.
  • More information in the transfer window (transfer time, speed etc.).
  • Icons for files.
  • Multiple selection in the directory tree of the local system and the FTP server.
  • Editable "Path" box for faster navigation.
  • Add file name during quick connections, to download only one file.
  • Account name for server configuration.
  • Upload/Download files with masks.
  • Load transfer tasks from one file.
  • Live-Update ensures that your software is always up-to-date.
  • Fully customizable thanks to a lot of options and parameters.
  • Synchronize directories between your local and remote system without having to transfer files individually.
  • Multilingual user interface - switch between English, German and French with just a few mouse clicks.
  • Detailed Help.
  • And lots of other useful features!

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