WindowSurfer 1.9.20

WindowSurfer 1.9.20 Screenshot WindowSurfer is a web browsing application with a 'Automatic Login' feature.

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WindowSurfer is a web browsing application with a 'Automatic Login' feature.

It can not only fill in your usernames and passwords, it also enables you to set your selected multiple web-pages to load automatically on application start-up, navigate to the login page and then fill in the required information.

All this action happens simultaneously for multiple web pages. You do not have to wait in a queue for each page to complete.

WindowSurfer supports multiple tabs, multiple users and blocks popup windows. It loads multiple web pages in a single window under different tabs.

Its star attraction is a Sidebar (having Auto-Hide feature), where the user creates his or her own LINKS to one’s web-sites of choice. Each of these links opens in its own tab. One can switch between the loaded links with just a click on the link's tab button.

All browser windows open within the main application, so no desktop clutter. With WindowSurfer one can create multiple accounts for users sharing the same computer.

Each user has its own settings, links, usernames and passwords which are accessible only with the user's individual master password. It uses industrial strength encryption to store user's passwords on their own computer, not on the internet. A user can Export and Import his or her settings to disk for backing up or transferring to another computer.

WindowSurfer smartly kills the Pop-Up windows before they are able to load, thus saving your internet bandwidth. It is fully compatible with Internet Explorer and supports industry standards for security and privacy. Besides, it has many powerful and useful features that will make your surfing easy, faster and enjoyable.


  • Automatically Login into your Online Accounts
  • Open Multiple Web Pages in a Single Window
  • Automatically Load Frequently Visited Web Pages
  • Block Unsolicited Pop-Up Windows
  • Store all your information on YOUR computer

  • 30 day trial

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    WindowSurfer 1.9.20 screenshot

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