psSendMail 1.1

psSendMail 1.1 Screenshot psSendMail is a Windows DLL that provides the ability to send e-mail messages.

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psSendMail is a Windows DLL that provides the ability to send e-mail messages. The purpose of this DLL is to make e-mail capability possible for those development environments that are capable of communicating with a DLL but cannot send e-mail directly.

There are two interfaces to the DLL. The first interface, or Standard Interface, does not limit the length of the strings passed into each of the functions. This allows the calling program to add as many addresses as desired in the To, CC, and BCC fields.

It also allows for unlimited length in the subject and the body of the e-mail. The downside, however, to this interface is that the calling program must make a call to each step in the process and must utilize PChars (Pointer to array of character, null terminated).

The second interface, or Quick Send Interface, is a wrapper function that internal makes a call to each of the appropriate functions from the first interface.

The downside to this interface is that you cannot supply CC or BCC addresses and the To, Subject, and Message Body are each limited to 255 characters, but they are passed as standard strings.

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