PopWatcher Screenshot PopWatcher checks all of your POP3 email accounts for you and report on the number of new messages in each account.

Developer:   Nelson Fernandez
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PopWatcher checks all of your POP3 email accounts for you and report on the number of new messages in each account.

Message notification will appear unobtrusively on the system tray and can optionally play a sound to catch your attention.

Even if you don't have that many email accounts PopWatcher can still provide considerable value.

With PopWatcher's small memory requirement and ability to run from your system tray, you don't need to leave your email program running all the time and taking up valuable memory and screen space.

Some email checkers try to replace your normal email reader by giving you email read/send capability. Rather than attempt to replace the many popular and powerful email client applications out there, we enhance them by checking your mail accounts automatically and launching your email program on demand.

Message notification can be colorized to let you know at a glance if you should be reading your mail immediately. For example a work account might be color coded RED and a personal email account might be coded GREEN.

Message preview allows you to quickly see if mail is important enough to deal with now or delete SPAM email as it arrives before you see it in your email client where trojan and virus could potentially be opened.

PopWatcher will let you reset the new message count without deleting messages. For example, you could get new mail and decide that you don't need to deal with them now. Reset the counter and you'll be notified when MORE new mail comes in.

  • 30 days trial.

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