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OnShare 1.02 Screenshot OnShare is a free way to share files and chat with your friends in complete privacy.

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OnShare is a free way to share files and chat with your friends in complete privacy. You can control what your friends can see and get their hands on.

OnShare is built exclusively for you and your friends. You only share files with people you invite so you know they’re from a trusted source. The files you share stay exactly where they are on your computer.

OnShare’s pioneering technology lets you reach into your friends’ computers, grab whatever you want and use it just as if it were on your own computer. And, if you have more than one computer, you can easily share between them wherever they are in the world.

OnShare’s file sharing and messaging is encrypted at 2048 bit, so secure that no one can intercept your chats and files. The security model was conceived and developed by ex–military scientists.

With OnShare, your friends appear as drives on your computer, meaning you can access their shared files directly from within Windows. View, drag, drop, copy and paste just like you’re used to.

Sharing everything from embarrassing photos to important documents is simpler, faster and more secure than ever.

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