Nova 4.1

Nova 4.1 Screenshot Nova is an open source client operating on the Gnutella network.

Developer:   Aaron Bishell
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Nova is an open source client operating on the Gnutella network. The aim of Nova is to provide an uncluttered environment to share all types of files, not to confuse you with jargon and expect you to learn it all before you can use the application. Nova is 100% free of spyware.

Gnutella is an open protocol peer to peer (P2P) network which allows any program to connect to the network and share files. Unlike closed networks (e.g. FastTrack) Gnutella does not prevent third party clients from joining. Its because of this that Gnutella can never be shut down by any anti-piracy orgainizations and is likely to be operating long after the closed networks disappear.

Nova features
  • Full partial file sharing with TigerTree hashing.
  • More search results, faster downloads.
  • Simple, easy to use GUI with little clutter and maximum efficiency.
  • A better peer-to-peer experince.
  • Queuing.
  • Downloads remain active, ensures you will always get at least one source.
  • Theme support.
  • Customise Nova to look the way you want it.
  • The ability to direct download ed2k:// links.
  • Useful if you use indexing sites for other networks, e.g. eMuleFarm, ShareReactor, ShareLive or Filenexus.
  • Execute multiple searches simultainiously.
  • For the power user. Search for the files you want fast.
  • 100% open source and interpreted.
  • Fast loading and impossible to hide Spyware.
  • Previewing of partial files with your media player(s).
  • No more buggy built in media players, you choose what media player you want to use.
  • Full upstream and downstream bandwidth control.
  • Browse the net or play games while you're downloading.
  • Automatic blocking of known spammers and false file sharers.
  • Filters out the bad search results.
  • Fully customisable keyword filtering.
  • Quickly and easily remove the search results you dont want.
  • Automatically requeries the network for more sources for your downloads on a regular basis.
  • Faster downloads.

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