Menurites Screenshot Menurites is a program designed to sort your Start menu and your Internet Explorer Favorites in alphabetical order.

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Menurites is a program designed to sort your Start menu and your Internet Explorer Favorites in alphabetical order.

Microsoft has, for some unknown reason, designed Windows so that it doesn't keep your Start menu and Favorites sorted when you add new bookmarks or install a program.

Sometimes Windows places them last in the list and sometimes it keeps the most recently added Favorites and recently installed programs sorted. Due to this, it is difficult to know where to look for your installed programs and bookmarks.

Is the program you want to start where it should be or is it at the end of the list or where is it?

Can you find the bookmark you want to use simply by looking for it in the Favorites or do you have to go through the whole list of bookmarks before you find it? Even all subfolders are sorted.

Now there is a solution to this mess! It is a program called Menurites. Menurites can automatically keep your Start menu and/or your Favorites sorted at all times.

Menurites can start sorting automatically with windows. It keeps everything sorted when new bookmarks are added and new programs are installed.

Menurites features
  • Sort the Start menu alphabetically
  • Sort the Favorites alphabetically
  • Sorts ALL subfolders
  • Start sorting automatically with Windows
  • Sort alphabetically now
  • Check for new versions online

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