MailCOPA 8.01

MailCOPA 8.01 Screenshot MailCOPA - Defining The Future Of E-Mail.

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MailCOPA - Defining The Future Of E-Mail.

MailCOPA is a very powerful out-of-the-box e-mail software you can purchase to date. Why? Not only is MailCOPA easy to use but it is pre-configured to aggressively combat SPAM and viruses that target the address books of other email clients.

Ideal for business users who require powerful and flexible e-mail handling, MailCOPA has a user-friendly interface and state-of-the-art features including: powerful and highly efficient SPAM filtering, fully customizable filters, read and unread sorting, search and keep message flags.

Using preset filter lists to score SPAM in addition to "white" lists (for e-mail from the good guys) and "black" lists (for e-mail from the bad guys), MailCOPA blocks (placing it in a SPAM folder) almost all unsolicited e-mail letting you control what comes to your inbox.

MailCOPA was the first true multi-user e-mail client allowing any number of networked computers to access a single e-mail account. MailCOPA is a perfect solution for multiple user groups such as reservations, technical support or any application where more than one user accesses the same e-mail account. Because MailCOPA updates all users "on the fly", it alerts all users to which messages have been opened and/or replied to.

MailCOPA handles multiple e-mail accounts for a specified user as well offering options for each user whether on the same, or a networked computer. A major benefit for mobile users is that MailCOPA cycles SMTP gateways, removing the agony of resetting servers.

Viruses don’t have a chance with MailCOPA.


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MailCOPA - Defining The Future Of E-Mail.

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