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M3U Creator Screenshot A free M3U File Creator and Editor.

Developer:   Brooks Younce Software
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OS:   Windows Vista (?)
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A free M3U File Creator and Editor. "M3U Creator" creates M3U, ASX, and other pointer files for MP3 files, Windows Media files, Real Audio files, and other streamable files which utilize the ASX standard.

The program can also "Merge" files to existing files, via the "Add file" option.


  • Simple to use interface for creating multiple pointer files quickly.
  • Built in examples of pointer file configurations.
  • Ability to save field data to resume work where you left off.
  • Supports hyperlink banners for Windows Media Player.
  • Supports adding multiple songs to a single pointer file.
  • Ability to add up to 2.14 billion entries per file.
  • Can Open, Edit, Modify, and Save any Asx compliant pointer file.
  • Easily edit Windows Media Player exported play lists.
  • Easily Add pointer files together with the "Add File" feature.
  • Ability to "Figure" out song names, and remove "%20" and "_"
  • Blank entries will automatically be removed when saving to a file.
  • Ability to disable shuffle mode.
  • Window size can be stretched for easy viewing.
  • Window size and Location are automatically saved and restored.
  • Multi-threading processing allows for opening large M3U files Fast!.
  • Program Updating is super easy, free, and built in.

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