KnockKnock 3.10

KnockKnock 3.10 Screenshot Anti Spam program eliminates unsolicited e-mails in your inbox.

Developer:   Sinbad Networks Communications
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Anti Spam program eliminates unsolicited e-mails in your inbox. KnockKnock is a complete e-mail enhancement program and spam solution, and works with your current Email client. Easy to use administration features handles, multiple e-mail accounts on multiple servers. Works with virus protection software such as Norton and McAfee.

Anti Spam Intelligence stops unwelcome messages before downloading to your inbox. KnockKnock learns what's Spam from your normal activities and loves Spam; the more you get the better the Anti Spam Intelligence works.

Unique Accept Once feature. Secret words and subject filtering options included. Optional configurable courtesy notice to all new uncategorized senders, trying to send you an Email, letting them know your system has received their email and you will evaluate them.

Special preview feature allows viewing of content on server for questionable senders, and option to delete email on clogged accounts on the server. Easy total control, of all senders from accept, deny, or hold (pending) status. Change status as often as desired.

Save yourself or your employee's time and money when you no longer spend hours each day wading through unwanted emails to get the messages you want or need. Stop allowing spammers from wasting your valuable time.

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