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GDS JukeBox Screenshot GDS JukeBox is a powerful jukebox for the PC.

Developer:   GD Software Att. Brian Bergh
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GDS JukeBox is a powerful jukebox for the PC.

GDS JukeBox will scan your (defined) paths for media files and add them to a local database. Then, you will be able to make playlists, search for any track in seconds etc.

Because GDS JukeBox keeps all media data informations in a local database, it is accessed very fast which is one of GDS JukeBox's most powerful features.

You can wildcard search for any track, and get a complete list of found match in just 1 second. GDS JukeBox supports ID3TAG V1 and V2. Supported file formats: MP3, MIDI, WAV, WMA, MOD, IT, XM, S3M +.

GDS JukeBox is DirectX driven, which ensures maximum performance under Windows. GDS JukeBox has a build in volume fader, which ensures soft track switch.

There is also support for Visualization plugins (a few is proveded by default). Another very special feature is the PARTY-MODE option. If you define a Party Mode Password, you can set GDS JukeBox in party mode, this will make GDS JukeBox work as a "REAL" jukebox. Where you can't skip tracks etc.

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GDS JukeBox is a powerful jukebox for the PC.

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