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Earthstation 5 1.1.31 Screenshot The ES5 network is decentralized from a P2P perspective.

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The ES5 network is decentralized from a P2P perspective. Even though the network is distributed, many of the functions including movie streaming are still done from centralized servers. Ras told Slyck that the software is undergoing constant development with new versions been issued on a near daily basis.

A key feature they are working on the “green light” file verification feature. Ras argues that hash links can easily be manipulated and a green light will indicate that a file is truly authentic and virus free. Amazingly, Ras claims that much of the file verification will be done by local workers who will check files for authenticity.

The software has certainly improved greatly since the initial testing days by Slyck. Their latest version is considerably less buggy than previous versions and it is now actually possible to get results for some popular western artists. However, some users still experience issues with the software.

Privacy and Proxy usage

ES5 operates several proxy servers, which enable the cloaking of user IP addresses. Earthstation 5 can be used with 3rd party proxies as well. Ras says that once the privacy features are fully utilized by the end-use “then no one in the world can figure out who you are”.

Other privacy protection features include the user of secure sockets and UDP. They also claim that ES5 can work behind most firewalls; something many students will be looking for in upcoming weeks as they return to college.

Ras stated that the recording industry has ordered people to try and circumvent their system but have had no success.

Despite what Ras might say about ES5, there is a large element in the P2P community that question the claims made by Ras. Some even go as far as to suggest conspiracy theories about the reason for ES5's existence. Ras's view is that he understands why people may view a middle eastern company in this light, given the current political climate in that area, but was obviously quick to dismiss any hidden motive.

Certainly a lot of user misgivings about ES5 seem unfounded. The software is constantly improving, they are based far from RIAA waters, they show great promise in p2p privacy standards and their president has some courage in standing up the entertainment industry in this manner. Lets hope that ES5's only serious fault is some inflated PR in the desire to increase usage

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Earthstation 5 1.1.31 screenshot

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