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Broccoli LetterDrop 2.01 Screenshot The problem with email is that everyone is reading it.

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The problem with email is that everyone is reading it. It is the most insecure means of electronic communication.

Email messages are sent in plain text, so any network engineer can read the content. Each electronic point that an email message passes through from the sender to the recipient is another opportunity for the message to be read, copied, filed, changed and redirected.

Your employer may choose to store your messages for the next three years. Maybe there are some things that need to be said in private, even in the workplace.

LetterDrop allows office workers to communicate in secret, and is simple enough to be used by anyone who wants to converse in confidence with another person on the same local network.

Examples of people who would use LetterDrop are high-level manages who need to keep all correspondence away from the eyes of the company staff, and members of staff who feel a need to send each other love letters during office hours.

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    How it Works

    LetterDrop stores a small file (your "mailbox") in a folder that everyone on the network can access. Your mailbox file can be disguised by calling it something like "accounts.xls".

    Other LetterDrop users send you messages by putting them in your mailbox file. When you next check your mailbox for new messages, LetterDrop pulls all of the messages out of your mailbox, and moves them to your "store", which is a file on your PC.

    For another person to be able to send you a message, they must know the whereabouts of your mailbox, and which encryption settings you use. Once this is known secret, communications can begin!

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