VideoThumb 1.0.2

VideoThumb 1.0.2 Screenshot View any webcam/video source in a small thumb-sized window above your systray.

Developer:   SadhuSystems
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License:   Freeware
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OS:   Windows Vista (?)
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View any webcam/video source in a small thumb-sized window above your systray. Version 2 no longer runs on VFW but on DirectX9, so it's faster, better and more!

Select any device at any format, display it in a window, fullscreen or in desktop mode! With digital zoom for more detail. You can select another video device/size/format from the tray menu.

Double-click to show, double-click to hide. It couldn't get any easier!
Specify width/height/position with shortcut (e.g.: "VideoThumb.exe" 320 240 100 300)

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VideoThumb 1.0.2 screenshot

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VideoThumb 1.0.2 VideoThumb 1.0.2

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