UltraPlayer 2.112

UltraPlayer 2.112 Screenshot UltraPlayer is a real All In One Box multimedia tool and is freeware.

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UltraPlayer is a real All In One Box multimedia tool and is freeware.

Play your MP3s, Videos, WAVs, WMAs, CDs, and CD-Audio files with our spankin' hot software...or live in regret throughout eternity.

Enjoy our Deeply-Dynamic UltraSkins, with plasmatic, dual-mode flexibility...then contemplate the meaning of "plasmatic". Tune and record MP3 Internet Radio Streams until your hard-drive pukes.

Drag and drop those files or folders full of music directly on to UltraPlayer.
Plug in all the latest DSP's and enjoy an enhanced listening experience.
Save your MP3s as .WAV files with a single click. Wake or snooze to your favorite songs with the SmartAlarm auto-volume control, but we're not responsible if your boss catches you dreaming under the desk.

Zone-out to the mind-bending visualization plugins... who needs controlled substances? Clean up your MP3 collection with our ID3 tag editor. Milk your computer for all it's worth using our screaming fast Neutrino Audio Decoder. Visit this site every day to get updates, skins, plug-ins, etc. Talk about UltraPlayer until people tell you to shut up... then talk some more.

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UltraPlayer 2.112 screenshot

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UltraPlayer 2.112 UltraPlayer 2.112
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UltraPlayer is a real All In One Box multimedia tool and is freeware.

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