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trEXIF 2.1.1 Screenshot trEXIF is able to extract standard EXIF data from any digital camera file.

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trEXIF is able to extract standard EXIF data from any digital camera file. The following is a list of digital cameras from which trEXIF can extract all the specifics for the particular model.

Primarily an EXIF Image Information Reader, Editor & Analyser, it relies on standard EXIF meta-data coupled with the understanding of maker specific data to provide you with as much information as is available.

This important information reveals the camera parameters for an image in order for you to gain a full understanding of exposure and image characteristics leading to better pictures by helping you understand how your equipment performs under different situations and parameters.

Typical Examples: Resolution Extinction, Lens Optimum Aperture Sharpness, Depth of Field, Light fall off, Ghosting & Flaring, Edge-to-Edge Sharpness, Chromatic Aberration Level at different ISO and Aperture, High ISO Noise (Luminance & Chrominance), Metering Systems (Accuracy & Consistency), Blown Highlights, Barrel Distortion, Underexposure, Focal Length Vignetting, Tone Curves, Effects of EV, Saturation, Contrast & Sharpness Levels.

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