SubEdit Player Build 4056

SubEdit Player Build 4056 Screenshot SubEdit Player is great movie player, with lot of features.

Developer:   Artur Sikora
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License:   Freeware
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OS:   Windows Vista (?)
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SubEdit Player is great movie player, with lot of features. Try it, and you will love it.

SubEdit exists from 2-07-14 and is continuously developing its features. To use SubEdit, you have to install standard Windows Media Player ver.6.4 or higher. If the movie requires non standard codec (DivX ;-) for example), you have to install it.

Player properties:

  • Quick full-screen toggle switch
  • Quick display of transparent subtitles
  • Auto-loading of subtitles file
  • User subtitles directory
  • Subtitles multiple language (files compatible with mask "MovieFileName*.txt")
  • Playing all files in current directory
  • Player resume after system hangup
  • Shuting down the PC after the movie ends
  • Movie chapters
  • Auto-loading the next part of the movie
  • Video files associations
  • Auto narrow too wide subtitles
  • Smooth zoom (50-200%).

    Subtitles edition tools:
  • Supported formats: mDVD, TMPlayer (and similar), MPL2, SSA,
  • Conversion from SRT (Sub Ripper) to any other supported format.
  • Constant shift of subtitles show-time
  • Linear shift of subtitles show-time
  • Auto-correction of rapidly displayed subtitles
  • Subtitles FPS value change
  • Auto-change display time, depend on text lenght
  • DVD rippers mistakes repair tools
  • Quick search for wrong time format rows
  • Highlighting unrecognized and unsorted lines
  • Light up briefly displayed subtitles lines
  • Follow editor subtitles.

    Subtitles formation tools:
  • Movie loading
  • Inserting movie's current frame as subtitle frame
  • Playing movie from subtitles on cursor position
  • Moving cursor to currently displayed subtitle
  • Advanced subtitles search tools.

  • Freeware for noncommercial purposes only.

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    SubEdit Player Build 4056 screenshot

    Download SubEdit Player Build 4056

     Download SubEdit Player Build 4056

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    SubEdit Player is great movie player, with lot of features.

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