SnapTouch 3.0

SnapTouch 3.0 Screenshot SnapTouch has features that are useful for any digital photo fan.

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SnapTouch has features that are useful for any digital photo fan. With SnapTouch, any photographer, whether amateur or professional, can easily connect to an image source (a digital camera, a flash disk or other source), view and sort photos, specify where to copy them to and import them to a computer. SnapTouch is a very easy to use application.

SnapTouch can automatically rotate and/or rename photos while copying them. You can specify rules for renaming files. SnapTouch can also rename entire groups of photos. You can also rename digital photo files after they are copied.

SnapTouch has a convenient tool for removing the "red-eye" effect. Just select the area with the red-eye effect; SnapTouch will automatically detect it and make its color natural.

SnapTouch works with metadata (EXIF) from your digital photos and can display it. SnapTouch uses this information for renaming files, writing comments, and date stamping photos. Before printing a photo, you can stamp it with the unique date and time it was taken. You can easily specify the location and style of this information.

With SnapTouch you can semi-automatically crop groups of files while maintaining their proportions. Never before has is been so easy to change your photos' proportions.

SnapTouch has many other features common to this type of software: previewing changes, adjusting brightness, contrast and spectrum, resizing photos, adding comments, mirroring, viewing photos in full-screen mode and much more. Many effects are applied without additional compression and without reducing the quality of your photos.

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SnapTouch has features that are useful for any digital photo fan.

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