Sigma Launcher 1. Beta 20

Sigma Launcher 1. Beta 20 Screenshot Sigma Launcher is an easy-to-use program launcher and window manager.

Developer:   Neodagger Systems
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OS:   Windows XP/Vista (?)
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Sigma Launcher is an easy-to-use program launcher and window manager.

You can start ('launch') any application you want in one mouse click (just one!), using launch menu. Launch menu is shown automatically, every time you place mouse pointer at top-left of the screen. Try this menu once and you will understand how to use them.

As window manager, the program can maximize, minimize, restore, close program windows, etc. Press and hold down middle mouse button (or another, see Changing options) and move the mouse at specified direction, that is all!

By statistic, a lot of mouse movements in Windows(tm) is related to window management operations. With Sigma Launcher you don't need to 'concentrate' on the application title bar buttons (like a sniper!), they are so small, right?

So, Sigma Launcher optimizes your work by decreasing mouse movements and saving your time and attention for other - more important actions.

Sigma Launcher also supports additional operations, such as: shutdown/reboot the PC, minimize/restore all windows, run a program (as mouse command), and others.

Of course, you can modify standard keys and operations as you wish, depending on your current business, and other circumstances.

When Sigma Launcher is loaded into memory, is shown an icon in the System Tray (at the bottom-right side of the screen - across the clock). Until Sigma Launcher processes a command, the tray icon color changes, so you can see that it works.

Here are some key features of "Launcher 1.10":
Extended Launch Menu

  • Launch Menu is the common program feature, is shown automatically every time you place mouse pointer to the top-left screen corner.
  • This menu contains user-specified programs, click on the menu item runs the specified program.
  • From now, Launch Menu uses icons extracted from apropriate program files.
  • Usage of icons increases reading speed of the menu, so you can launch your programs quickly.

    System commands added to menu:
  • Into the Launch Menu added a second section, so named system commands.
  • It contains frequently used functions, such as: open Control Panel or one of logical drives, open / close CD tray, shut down / reboot the PC, empty Recycle Bin, etc.
  • You can enable / disable this menu section in the program options.

    Customizable Mouse Commands
  • Mouse Commands is used in window management operations, such as: closing, restoring, maximizing of a single window, minimizing / restoring of all windows, etc.
  • To run a mouse command on a single window, place the mouse pointer inside them, press and hold down middle mouse button, and move the mouse to specified direction.
  • For example, to close the window under cursor, you will need to move the mouse left.
  • This feature allows to customize the commands, assigned to each mouse movement, using Mouse page of the program options.
  • Now you can modify, reset, and disable any of mouse commands as you wish.

  • Processor: Intel Pentium 233 MHz, or compatible (for Windows XP)
  • System memory (RAM): 128 MB
  • Hard disk space: approx. 1 MB for installation
  • Mouse type: 3-button, for example: Genius NetScroll.


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