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HidePro (beta 3) HidePro (beta 3)
Tihy Software

HidePro is a software tool for professional file encryption.

File Lock 6.1.2 File Lock 6.1.2
TopLang software studio

File Lock is a security application that can lock and/or hide your files, folders and drives.

CryptoCommander 1.6.0 CryptoCommander 1.6.0
SecureAction Research, Ltd.

CryptoCommander is a professional text and e-mail encryption utility with strong enryption engine.

CryptDefence 1.5 CryptDefence 1.5
Mirakian Systems Ltd.

CryptDefence is a powerful tool for absolute protection of any digital information on PCs.

HideInPicture 1.1 HideInPicture 1.1
Braintwist Studios

HideInPicture is a program that enables you to encrypt and hide any type of Files inside of Pictures.

Crypto-Lock 2.02 Crypto-Lock 2.02

Crypto-Lock is a program that will encrypt your files.

Deltacrypt OneClick Public Key File Encryption 2.1 Deltacrypt OneClick Public Key File Encryption 2.1
Deltacrypt Technologies Inc.

Deltacrypt OneClick Public Key File Encryption features RSA protection in its public keys, protects encryption and public key integrity with hashing functions, and digital signatures.

CryptIt 1.4 CryptIt 1.4
Sinner Computing

CryptIt is capable of using either a string or a file for the code.

PDF-Security 1.0 PDF-Security 1.0

Protect PDF files against unauthorized access and encrypt them! The program limits the access to PDF documents.

BDV DataHider 2.2 BDV DataHider 2.2

The BDV DataHider has been designed with one thing in mind, and that is to help people to achieve the task of hiding their confidential information with the utmost confidence that their important information shall never be compromised in any way, or form.

DataLock 1.0 DataLock 1.0
Unicorn Tech

Most people store their information on their computer and expect it to be safe.

ExeShield 4.8 ExeShield 4.8

With ExeShield it's very easy to convert your applications into shareware software with little to no effort, and maximum protection against piracy, backdating, reverse-engineering or any kind of tampering.

CryptoElement 1.3 CryptoElement 1.3
DIGYX Software

CryptoElement uses strong encryption algorithms, including 448-bit key Blowfish, 256-bit key Twofish.

Advanced Encryption Plug-In for Windows Explorer 4.0.2 Advanced Encryption Plug-In for Windows Explorer 4.0.2
SecureAction Research, LLC

Advanced Encryption Plug-In lets you encrypt/decrypt/shred/make encrypted .

Hide Files 3.4 Hide Files 3.4
Spydex Inc

You have any files or programs that you don't want to share with other or they contain financial and tax information, passwords, personal letters and emails, private images, and other confidential or personal data.

Cryptainer PE Cryptainer PE
Cypherix Encryption Software

Cryptainer PE will secure your PC and will ensure total privacy with its powerful 448 bit strong encryption, without modifying the way you work.

AxCrypt 2.1.1494 AxCrypt 2.1.1494
Axon Data

File encryption for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2K/XP using the AES algorithm with 128-bit keys.

FileAssurity OpenPGP 2.02 FileAssurity OpenPGP 2.02

FA OpenPGP lets you generate self-signed certificates/keys or you can import x.

Steganography Steganography
SecureKit Inc

Steganography is your boss spying your outside and inside emails? Is your wife or husband surveying your letters from other friends? Are you afraid that your competitors in company or in business penetrate your system and find your valuable information? Data transmissions are vital and became a necessity nowadays.

FileLocker 2.1 FileLocker 2.1
MediaByte Inc.

FileLocker allows you to hide and encrypt your private or sensitive files using 128bit encryption, while providing an easy to use interface.

Advanced Encryption Package 2007 Professional 4.6.11 Advanced Encryption Package 2007 Professional 4.6.11
SecureAction Research LLC

Typically you encrypt files because you don't want others to see them, but sometimes you want to send someone an encrypted file.

WinDefender 2.2 WinDefender 2.2

WinDefender is an utility that you can use to secure your confidential data and protect your files and folders on computers running Windows 95/98/ME.

Cipherlok 2.1 Cipherlok 2.1
Softlok International Ltd

Cipherlok is a data security product that provides easy to use yet highly secure encryption of files on your PC or notebook using the Blowfish algorithm.

BlowFish 2000 3.1 BlowFish 2000 3.1
Software by Design

BlowFish is a small, easy to use, file encryption utility.

HIP (Hide In Picture) 2.1 HIP (Hide In Picture) 2.1
Davi Tassinari de Figueiredo

HIP (Hide In Picture) is a program that lets you "hide" files inside bitmaps (.