Crypto-Lock 2.02

Crypto-Lock 2.02 Screenshot Crypto-Lock is a program that will encrypt your files.

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Crypto-Lock is a program that will encrypt your files.

The password is not stored in the resultant file. The password you entered during encryption is processed with SHA-1 if it is less than 36 characters long.

The resultant key is then used to encrypt either part of the
file (minimum encryption) or the whole file (maximum encryption).

For both encryptions, the part to be encrypted is compressed first
to deter cryptoanalysis. With the random values used in CBC mode,
the encrypted file produced everytime is different for the same
original file using the same password.

The output of the Crypto-Lock will either be a self-decrypting file (SDF) or an encrypted module (*.pri). Think of Crypto-Lock as a secure safe that lets you carry sensitive information around and can be unlocked only with the correct password.

Crypto-Lock is written with 2 aims in mind:

1) To prevent unauthorised running of your programs (executable files)
2) To prevent unauthorised access to your other files

Other supporting functions:

- Drag and Drop
- Original file can be backed up
- Shell extension is available for the encrypted modules (*.pri)
- Decrypted executables are activated automatically and are overwritten
and deleted after they are closed.

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Crypto-Lock 2.02 screenshot

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