HIP (Hide In Picture) 2.1

HIP (Hide In Picture) 2.1 Screenshot HIP (Hide In Picture) is a program that lets you "hide" files inside bitmaps (.

Developer:   Davi Tassinari de Figueiredo
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License:   GPL
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OS:   Windows Vista (?)
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HIP (Hide In Picture) is a program that lets you "hide" files inside bitmaps (.bmp files) and/or GIF, protecting them with a password.

The pictures look like normal images, so no one will suspect there is hidden data in them. This technique is known as steganography.

You can use a normal cryptography program to protect secret data from other people, but then, even if they aren't able to read it, they will be able to see you are hiding something.

With HIP, you can hide your secret data inside an innocent family photograph or even your Windows background, and nobody will ever suspect it.

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HIP (Hide In Picture) 2.1 screenshot

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