SecureCam 1.0

SecureCam 1.0 Screenshot Secure Cam is the highlight of any home or business security system.

Developer:   Brooks Younce Software
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OS:   Windows Vista (?)
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Secure Cam is the highlight of any home or business security system. Supports WebCams and DVR Muti-Input capture cards (BT848,BT878,ect). Multiplexing, Motion Detection, Image Archiving, Text Overlay, Timestamps, Image Rotating, & Flipping, ect.

SecureCam is a software that allows you record images.

Program supports up to 99 instances, so you can operate any combination of 99 WebCams or DVR Cards on the same machine. The program can archive images from minutes, to years! When the Image Archive is full, it will delete the oldest images first to make room for new ones. Viewer Program allows Forward and Reverse Playback of Archive Images at multiple speeds.

The motion detection algorithm is the FASTEST and most ACCURATE out there! Motion Detector will highlight the motion regions on your screen where the motion occurred. All image manipulation routines are done directly in memory, for super fast rendering. Unlike all other video programs out there, this program has been designed for maximum efficiency, able to capture images at 10 times the speed of other programs, while still using 30% less processor time, and memory!

SecureCam features
  • Multithreading to provide extremely fast operation.
  • Faster Image Capturing than any other program.
  • Very low processor and memory usage!
  • Text Overlay for placing text on your captured images!
  • Archive images from minutes, to years!
  • Forecasting of Disk space Usage for Archiving Images!
  • Supports Multiplexing for Multi-Input DVR Capture Cards.
  • Viewer Program allows viewing & playback of all images in the archives.
  • Rotate Camera Image 90,180,or 270 degrees.
  • Flip Images Vertically or Horizontally (mirroring).
  • Capture Images only when motion is detected, or all the time.
  • Last image saved can be setup to work with a webserver for online monitoring!
  • Fully Adjustable Jpeg Quality.
  • Ability to specify the number of images to save after motion is detected.
  • Adjustable motion detection trigger level to prevent false triggering.
  • Motion Detection Region Highlighting

  • Free for 30 Days

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