Replay AV 8.82

Replay AV 8.82 Screenshot Replay A/V is the most powerful way to capture Streaming Video and Audio, including Radio Shows, Online TV Broadcasts, Video Clips, Audio Archives, and Podcasts.

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Replay A/V is the most powerful way to capture Streaming Video and Audio, including Radio Shows, Online TV Broadcasts, Video Clips, Audio Archives, and Podcasts. And best of all, it's really easy to use.

Replay A/V makes it easy to save all types of online media. With it you can record any streaming audio and video instantaneously, or schedule recordings to happen automatically later.

Plus, the integrated Replay Media Guide lets you pick Radio Shows, Radio Stations, TV Stations and Podcasts to record with a single click. Replay A/V also captures Sirius and XM Online, too!

All the popular formats are supported, including Windows Media, Real, Streaming MP3, Flash Animations and Flash Video. Plus, Replay A/V includes an audio recorder that can snag anything you can hear.

If you have an iPod or another MP3 Player, Replay A/V has some very handy ways to copy files to your device. For iPods, you can make Audiobook files, which let you make bookmarks in long audio files. All recordings can be automatically copied to any MP3 Player or iTunes.

Replay AV features
For TV and Radio Shows:
  • Records any audio format.
  • Record Sirius™ and XM Radio™ online.
  • Integrated Replay Media Guide contains 1214 Radio Shows, 4930 Radio Stations , 22718 Podcasts and 513 TV Stations.
  • URL Finder lets you capture ANY online audio or video.
  • Records multiple stations simultaneously.
  • Records with perfect reproduction at the smallest possible size.
  • Eliminates background noises from audio recordings.
  • Record to MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG and AAC.
  • Make audio and MP3 CDs.
  • Automatically import recorded shows into iTunes
  • Makes Bookmarkable files for iPod listeners
  • Options to split recordings by silence, time or minutes after the hour.
  • Listen in less time with Compress Speech feature.
  • Eliminate long periods of silence from recordings.
  • Quick Record makes it easy to record instantly.
  • Includes Replay Player for listening on the PC and skipping over unwanted audio.
  • Support for WiFi Boomboxes and media extenders via uPnP
  • Custom conversion system to add your own conversions.
  • Record from radios attached to your PC.
  • Record from the Microphone.

    For Podcasts:
  • Subscribe to 22718 Podcasts (and counting) with just one click.
  • Download individual episodes to iTunes with One Click.
  • Convert automatically to iPod bookmarkable.
  • Retags genre on MP3s to make organizing shows easy.
  • BitTorrent support
  • Burn podcasts directly to CDs
  • Option to limit number of shows downloaded when subscribing.
  • Check for new shows at specified times or intervals.
  • Podcast Media Guide lets you search by name, description, show notes, or even audio within any episode.
  • Dynamic Feeds let you make subscription lists for others.

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