Neomesh Image Converter 2.5

Neomesh Image Converter 2.5 Screenshot Neomesh Image Converter can convert between most of the common image formats used on the Internet today.

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Neomesh Image Converter can convert between most of the common image formats used on the Internet today.


Create animated GIF's from your images. Just select your images from your computer by adding them into Neomesh Image Converter. All you have to do now is select the delay time, how many times the animation is to loop and the folder where you want your finished animated GIF to be saved.

The Resize feature allows you to adjust your image sizes using Bicubic Spline Interpolation. This will improve the look of the images that are converted.

While you are converting your images you can apply effects and/or manipulate your images in batches. Neomesh Image Converter can Flip, Mirror, Rotate, Crop, Thumbnail, Add Text, Repair, Adjust RGB values, Adjust gamma, Adjust Median, Dilate, Erode, Adjust brightness and contrast, Colorize, Threshold, Negative, Grayscale and Dither.

Joining allows you to place all of your selected images into one single image. Its great for making mosaics or placing textures.

View your images with just a click of the mouse.

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