MSN Explorer 5.50.4134.600

MSN Explorer 5.50.4134.600 Screenshot MSN Explorer is the all-in-one software application from Microsoft that will make it easy to get more from the Web.

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MSN Explorer is the all-in-one software application from Microsoft that will make it easy to get more from the Web.

It works with your existing Internet connection, allowing you to browse the web, e-mail and instant message friends, chat, listen to music and much more. Easily sign-in and access to your favorite MSN features and an integrated media player offers a great new way to find and play music and video.

It supports up to 9 users, so everyone in your family has their own e-mail, buddies, favorite sites, etc. Innovative new automatic update mechanism delivers updates (service improvements and new features) to you.

Note: You must be an MSN subscriber to use this software.

One program that does it all!
MSN Explorer is your one-stop shop for the Web. It has a new and friendly face for the Internet that integrates popular MSN services, including:

  • MSN Hotmail®
  • MSN Messenger Service
  • MSN Communities
  • MoneyCentral™
  • MSN eShop
  • MSN Music

    MSN Explorer features
    Get started fast
  • Low impact installation: Easy and safe download with a streamlined setup process.
  • Simple sign-in: Sign in with MSN Explorer and you are automatically connected to MSN Hotmail, the MSN Messenger service, and MSN Calendar so that you no longer have to retype passwords.
  • Easy switching: Convert your Internet Explorer favorites and contacts from Outlook® Express when switching to MSN Explorer.
  • Guided tour: Interactive tour of the features in MSN Explorer will help get you up and running quickly.

    Smart features
    No need to retype things you've done before with smart technologies such as AutoComplete for Web addresses, e-mail names and passwords. Powerful search tools take mistyped words and even the time of year into account when generating results, to help you hunt less and gather more.

    Automatic updates
    Innovative new automatic update mechanism delivers updates (service improvements and new features) to you. You don't have to worry about searching for new versions!

    Watch or listen to rich media while you browse the Web
    Listen to music or watch a video while browsing the Web or using E-mail — without opening up separate programs or windows! Windows Media™ Player provides leading performance and supports a wide range of popular formats, including Windows Media and MP3.

    Discover your own world of music!
    The new free MSN Music service provides the easiest way to discover music based on your tastes. Using simple search tools you can listen to radio stations that play music that "sounds like" your favorite song, artist or album or find music to match your mood. There's a broad range of music styles and a high quality listening experience.

    Create your own Web site, photo album, or Web community
    The integrated MSN Custom Web Sites service makes it easy to create your own site on the Web, from photo albums and file cabinets for storing files such as Microsoft Office documents, to full-fledged Web communities.

    Manage your personal finances
    Keep track of accounts, pay bills online and receive financial advice with the award-winning MSN MoneyCentral™ service.

    Shop Online
    Research and compare products and purchase online from hundreds of merchants using the integrated MSN eShop service.

  • Pentium 90MHz processor or faster
  • 16 MB RAM or more
  • 170 MB available hard-disk space needed to install
  • (after install, only 60MB or less will be used)
  • 28.8 KBps modem or faster
  • Microsoft® Mouse or compatible pointing device recommended
  • VGA or higher resolution graphics card
  • Minimum 800x600 resolution recommended

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    MSN Explorer 5.50.4134.600 screenshot

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