JukeBox Decoder 2.8.0

JukeBox Decoder 2.8.0 Screenshot Batch-decode MP3 / OGG / WMA to WAV format and auto-run the CD burner, all at once.

Developer:   BirdCage Software
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OS:   Windows Vista (?)
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Batch-decode MP3 / OGG / WMA to WAV format and auto-run the CD burner, all at once.

You can drag and drop files to desktop icon, or move files or whole folders to the Playlist window. Right-click files for Play, Open, Tag, and Decode (MP3 to Wave) in Windows. Open more than one player and decode multiple playlists of MP3 / OGG / WMA, simultaneously.

It also saves the playlist upon closing JukeBox. Use the Loop, All, or Random (shuffle) List Play options to customize your listening experience. Hot keys.

It saves playlists in HTML, CSV for Excel, as well as M3U/M3A album files plus Imports CSV and Tab text files to tagger

Auto Tagging and Re-naming using freedb online or other Tags sources. Creates and extracts files from m3u/m3a Album files.
Supports v, v2 and OGG tags


  • Drag and Drop files to Desk Icon or files or whole folders to Playlist Window.
  • Supports all MP3, MP2, MP1 Audio files, CBR and VBR.
  • Supports Ogg Vorbis Audio files.
  • Supports WMA Windows Media Audio files.
  • Supports Wav Audio files.
  • 1 octave 10 band equalizer 32hz to 16khz
  • Pitch Control (speed) Slider and Song position Slider.
  • Right Click files for Enque, Play, Open, Tag and Decode (MP3 to Wave) in Windows.
  • freedb agent CD info lookup for MP3,2,1 or Ogg Tagging and Re-naming from Internet.
  • freedb to cdplayer.ini batch lookup program.
  • Reads M3U/M3A (playlist and album) files, extracts album file contents.
  • M3A Album viewer / extractor only can be downloaded seperately (see above)
  • Creates M3U/M3A (playlist album), HTML(webpage), CSV (MS Excel) and Tab delimited txt files.
  • Imports CSV (MS Excel) and Tab delimited txt files into Tagger window.
  • M3U/M3A album files can store all files inside one album file to play, no gaps.
  • Batch Decode MP3 or OGG to Wave files and Auto run CD burner all in one go.
  • Batch Re-Namer / Tagger with optional Letter Case (lower, UPPER, Norm)
  • Auto Fade + Fader speed In and Out control
  • Saves Playlist on closing JukeBox so each time you open Play begins.
  • Toggle on or off Windows File Associations (right click menus) and Desk top Icon.
  • Displays ID3v1, v1.1, v1.2, v2.x, Ogg and WMA Tags.
  • Supports ID3v1, v1.1, v1.2, v2.x, Ogg Vorbis Tagging.
  • Removes v1, v2 and OGG tags.
  • ID3v1.2 tagging provides double ID3v1.1 size with your own defined SubGenre.
  • Re-namer use templates or add your own to auto set file names and create folders from Tag info.
  • Playlist viewer shows Track Pos to sort to that order of Play.
  • Full Screen Playlist View with Right Click menu to remove, crop, invert.
  • "Skins" to add some color.
  • Loop, All or Random (shuffle) List Play options to Loop a whole list in order or Random.
  • Set or Drag column order and columns shown in the Play list including : File, Path, Title, Artist, Album, Genre, SubGenre, Year, Comment, Time, Track Pos, Sample Rate and Bit rate.
  • "Always on top" option.
  • Open more than one Player.
  • M.R.U. (most recently used) files list.
  • Global HotKey (operate player menu from a hot key you press from anywhere in windows).
  • Program context HotKeys for all functions (see general options).
  • Sys Tray control feature that minimises player next to your Clock with Right Click Menu to operate player, displays current and total play times as well as balloon tooltip with detailed tag and mp3 format info.

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