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InqScribe 1.5.2 Screenshot InqScribe is a useful and flexible environment to annotate, transcribe, analyze, and subtitle digital media files.

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InqScribe is a useful and flexible environment to annotate, transcribe, analyze, and subtitle digital media files.

InqScribe sports a deceptively simple interface, pairing your digital video and audio with a transcript editor that lets you synchronize specific portions of your transcript with corresponding time segments within the media

View Video and Transcript within a Single Interface
InqScribe organizes your video and your transcript in one window (see an annotated screen shot) and provides flexible, intuitive controls for both. No more switching back and forth between two different windows.

New users can be up and running in minutes. And with InqScribe's user-definable keyboard commands, you can control both the media and transcript without your hands leaving the keyboard!

Embed Dynamic Time Codes Within Transcripts
InqScribe lets you embed time codes into a free form text document. These time codes function much like hyperlinks in a web page.

By embedding time codes within your transcript, you can quickly and conveniently jump to exact locations within your movie. InqScribe makes the insertion of these time codes a one-step process, and using them to jump to a specific time is a simple click.

Transcribe Your Way
Some transcription tools force you to transcribe their way, making you define a full-blown database record, complete with start and end points, for every annotation you make. InqScribe's open-ended approach treats time codes as temporal bookmarks rather than scene markers. This approach lets you use time codes wherever you want, without having to worry about formally defining scenes.

Of course, if you prefer to use a scene-based approach, you can. And InqScribe can export your data in structured format, so that you can use it with other data analysis tools.

Create Subtitles
Use InqScribe to quickly and easily convert your transcript into a series of subtitles, or captions, for your movie. You have complete control over the appearance of the subtitles. The end result is a standalone subtitled QuickTime file that does not require InqScribe and that may be embedded in web pages, presentation slides, and anywhere else QuickTime is used.

Take Control of Media Playback
InqScribe supports most common audio and video formats (.mov, .avi, .mpg, .mp3, .wav), as well as some not-so-common ones. You can even access media over the Internet.

InqScribe offers a complete set of media controls, and adds a few that leverage the power of digital media, such as precise control of playback speed, allowing you to slow down playback for more accurate transcription, and the ability to turn on and off specific QuickTime tracks within the movie.

Of course, these controls are far more useful when you can create your own customized keyboard shortcuts. InqScribe lets you map any media control to any keystroke, which enables efficient transcription.

InqScribe's customization features also ensure compatibility with a variety of alternative input devices, including USB foot pedals and jog shuttles.

Navigate Using an Interactive Timeline
InqScribe provides you with an innovative interactive timeline that keeps you in control.

By default, the timeline shows you the current running time of your movie. Mousing over the timeline gives you immediate feedback showing the time at the mouse location. Click once, and you can use the timeline as a virtual scroll bar to jump to a precise location in your movie.

Share Data With Everyone
Mac or Windows? Why should you have to choose? Many research groups use both platforms; we believe that data shouldn't be tied to a specific platform any more than it should be tied to a specific application. InqScribe and InqScribe data files are completely cross-platform.

InqScribe also offers extensive import and export support. InqScribe is fully compatible with standard data formats, including HTML, XML, and structured text, which means that you can easily move data back and forth between InqScribe and other applications. For example, you can import data such as field notes or transcripts from other programs, annotate the data within InqScribe, and export the annotated data back out again.

InqScribe data files are also Unicode-savvy, providing support for a wide range of languages. Multiple languages can even be used within a single file!

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