CD-Text Player 2.0

CD-Text Player 2.0 Screenshot CD-Text Player will play audio CDs from any drive on your computer.

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CD-Text Player will play audio CDs from any drive on your computer.

When the program starts (or as user requests) all drives are scanned for audio CDs. Playback of found tracks begins instantly and can be in random or normal mode (must be pre-selected).

If multiple drives with audio CDs are present then CD-Text Player will "jump-about" to tracks from one drive to another (as if it was one CD).

If the CD also has CD-Text then this is displayed on-screen, as the music plays. You can control this program by right-clicking on its icon in the System Tray, or by using the multimedia keys your keyboard (if present).

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CD-Text Player 2.0 screenshot

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CD-Text Player will play audio CDs from any drive on your computer.

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