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Data Advisor 5.00 Screenshot Data Advisor is a simple, yet powerful computer diagnostic tool for assessing the condition of your computer system.

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Data Advisor is a simple, yet powerful computer diagnostic tool for assessing the condition of your computer system.

Data Advisor quickly assesses the health of your hard disk drive, file structures, and computer memory by identifying problems that could cause data loss. Don't worry if you can't boot your system to Windows; DataAdvisor is self-booting, so it runs even when your system won't.

This comprehensive computer diagnostic tool can be used to both diagnose current problems and/or as part of a regular maintenance program to identify potential problems that could lead to data loss.

If potential problems are identified, you will have time to backup your valuable information and make corrections to avoid future loss.

Data Advisor version 5.0 supports a variety of languages including Italian, German, English, French and Spanish and is included for free in our new EasyRecovery Professional v6.1 software.

Data Advisor features
  • Quick Functional Test.
  • Performs random reads and seeks on the hard disk to check for catastrophic physical problems.
  • SMART Status Check.
  • Informs you of any warnings or alerts that have been set by the hard drive. SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) is a technology embedded by manufacturers into many hard drives to offer an early warning of failures.
  • Complete Surface Scan.
  • Verifies the physical integrity of the hard disk platters by reading every sector on the hard disk.
  • File Structure Test.
  • Reads and verifies the integrity of the File Allocation Tables (FAT) on DOS, Windows 3.x, Windows 95, 98, Me, NT*, 2000* and XP*. Checks critical boot sectors, reads the Master Boot Record and cross-checks partition tables and CMOS.
  • System Memory Test.
  • Exercises and verifies the integrity of the memory in the computer system and detects defects and errors.

  • IDE/EIDE/ATA interface and SCSI drives
  • Intel486™ or greater processor
  • Emergency Boot Diskette creator requires Windows® 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, or Windows NT operating system
  • Minimum of 16 MB of memory (in most cases)
  • 1.44MB floppy disk drive
  • DOS, Windows® 3.x
  • Windows® 95, Windows 98 & Windows Me
  • Windows® 2000, Windows NT & Windows XP, only for FAT partition

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    Data Advisor is a simple, yet powerful computer diagnostic tool for assessing the condition of your computer system.

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