SuperPinger 2.02

SuperPinger 2.02 Screenshot SuperPinger is a powerful graphic ping software.

Developer:   TallSoft Ltd.
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SuperPinger is a powerful graphic ping software. It is able to detect thousands of IP equipments in the same time and send message when states of some equipments change , it could also adopt necessary steps to deal with troubles.

SuperPinger is able to do two things:

1. Watch states of network line /server/ switch/router/work station /other IP devices.

As soon as network line break or IP device troubles occur, SuperPinger will soon (within seconds ) send warning signals (email, message or sound ) and run specified programs . The related state will also be stored in LOG files.

With SuperPinger, You can watch the remote peer's IP address of these lines from the center, when one line break , SuperPinger will send warning signals to administrators within seconds.

2 Watch IP address situation of one or more network address segments and ON/OFF information of computers.

SuperPinger is able to add a block of IP address (as many as 65536 continuous IP address) one time . You can add all the IP address you want to watch to SuperPinger, and find which IP address are used and which IP address are free , and find when computers are ON or OFF .

SuperPinger (registered edition ) is able to watch thousands of IP device (number limited only by CPU capability ) , and send ping detections to all targeted IP device simultaneously and receive responses without affect each other . All actions of detecting and receiving are carried out simultaneously , which is much better than traditional in-turns method which usually result in long interval-time when there are too many IP devices to be watched .

Each watching job can be displayed through graphs , stating : max/min/avg, TTL, lost rate etc. Usually each detecting target is assigned an icon to display present state ,which consists of :

a Normal
"Green" color .
b Present package lost
"Yellow" color.
c High package-lost rate
"Red-Yellow " color.
d Break - off
"Red" color.

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SuperPinger 2.02 screenshot

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