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Ip Madness 1.0.27 Ip Madness 1.0.27

Net Detection (checks if computer is connected to the net) True Net Address (Find out your true net address.

AdmWin 8 AdmWin 8
Wennstrom Software

AdmWin is a toolkit designed for the Windows, Linux and Novell network administrator.

602LAN SUITE 2004.0.07. 602LAN SUITE 2004.0.07.
Software602 Inc

602Pro LAN SUITE is a simple, but complete software created for providing Internet access, e-mail, and fax services to your entire network.

AATools 5.92 AATools 5.92
G-Lock Software

AATools is a multithreaded network diagnostic tool.

PortTunnel PortTunnel

PortTunnel is designed as a TCP/IP port redirector with many features for the advanced user.

LanTool 0.2.2 Release 1 LanTool 0.2.2 Release 1

LanTool is ideally suited for environments that require some sort of network management and administration.

Network Configuration Management 4.77 Network Configuration Management 4.77

Network Configuration Management is a set of utilities that manage network config, diagnose and monitor network, it includes an IP Manager that creates different TCP/IP settings profiles and switch between them instantly without reboot.

SmartCode VNC Manager Standard Edition SmartCode VNC Manager Standard Edition
Yury Averkiev

SmartCode VNC Manager is an easy to use remote administration tool which allows you to connect, view and take remote control of any computers running VNC or Windows Terminal Servers.

EMCO Remote Administration 3.0 EMCO Remote Administration 3.0

EMCO Remote Administration is a useful utility for remote deployment that allows system administrators to execute packages and script (.

Serial to Ethernet Connector 8.0 Serial to Ethernet Connector 8.0
ELTIMA Software GmbH

Serial to Ethernet Connector is an advanced software solution developed to share serial port devices over TCP/IP network.

starQuiz NetClient 3.2 starQuiz NetClient 3.2

starQuiz includes an exciting option—the ability to give a quiz over a network.

Security Center Pro 1.3.2 Security Center Pro 1.3.2

Security Center is a security application that monitors network traffic and protects you from potential intruders.

Shareview Professional 4.7 Shareview Professional 4.7

Shareview is the complete network assistant solution, which consists of a monitor of network connections to your computer, firewall, network utils, a shared resources manager, some features and a traffic monitor that make tough operation ridiculously simple.

FactotumNOW IT Management Repository 3.41 FactotumNOW IT Management Repository 3.41
Neu Telekommunikationstechnik

A complete IT Management system! FactotumNOW IT Management Repository consolidates data on your network into consistent views and is the platform for customer interaction when it comes to Change Requests and Incident Reports.

Seekyou 4.32 Seekyou 4.32

The main functions: 1) Scan In Lan: With scan, you can obtain the host name, user name, workgroup and mac in your local lan.

My IP Suite 6 My IP Suite 6

My IP Suite is an AWARD-WINNING network tool to work with IP addresses.

NetStat Agent 3.5 NetStat Agent 3.5
Flexbyte Software

NetStat Agent is a useful utility for diagnosing network and monitoring network connections.

Nuts 2.29 Nuts 2.29
Yizhar Hurwitz

Network UTilities - the package includes the following utilities: * ALO - Automatic log on to NT4/2000.

Scannet Pro 3.9 _v10 Scannet Pro 3.9 _v10

Network Monitor, Intern Firewall.

i-netLock+ 3.2.6 i-netLock+ 3.2.6

i-netLock+ is a portable Internet utility and an Internet Explorer browser helper object that identifies all NICs present in PC, locks/unlocks individual NIC, monitors and displays up/down traffic rates, manages encrypted user IDs and passwords, shreds files for permanent deletion, automates login processes at various web sites, automates the form filling process with personal data such as addresses and credit card, and finally, allows you to define personalized routes to make your surfing more fun and productive.

Shareview Lite 4.3 Shareview Lite 4.3

Shareview - is the complete network assistant solution, consist of monitor of network connections to your computer, firewall, network utils, shared resources manager, traffic monitor and some features for make tough operation ridiculously simple.

ByteWedge Professional 3.3 build 2356 ByteWedge Professional 3.3 build 2356
Fog Software, Inc.

There are many scientific, engineering, medical devices and instruments that use the RS-232 (serial port) interface to send data to a computer for further logging and analyzing.

Serial Port Control 2.3.4 Serial Port Control 2.3.4
Fabula Tech Inc

Serial Port Control is easy to use ActiveX object intended for simplification serial port communication tasks in your projects.

Visual Click Software, Inc.

DSRAZOR for Windows from Visual Click Software is your answer to Windows and Active Directory management, no scripting required! When you use DSRAZOR you will be able to precisely interact with your Active Directory environment and Windows File Systems.

Net Workshop 4.5.1 Net Workshop 4.5.1

Net Workshop is a package which consists of TCP/UDP servers, clients and relays, all in one suite.