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IPConvert 1.0 IPConvert 1.0

It displays the converted address in Full , Shorthand , and Dot Notation formats.

Subnetting Calculator 1.5 Subnetting Calculator 1.5
Camalot Designs

IPNetInfo 1.85 IPNetInfo 1.85
Nir Sofer

IP Helper 4.1 IP Helper 4.1
Rebrand Software, LLC

This IP Helper software shows you both your internal and external IP addresses, can notify you by email when they change, performs DNS and Whois lookups, and much more! Many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) use non-static IP Addresses.

Enterprise IP - Address Manager 3.3.0 Enterprise IP - Address Manager 3.3.0
Enigma Creations

Fping 3.00 Fping 3.00
Wouter Dhondt

FPing is one of the most useful and reliable network debugging solution available.

No-IP 2.2.1 No-IP 2.2.1
Vitalwerks Internet Solutions

No-IP Free offers an easier way for others to locate you on the Internet.

IP Mailer 2004d IP Mailer 2004d
IP Mailer


INADYN is a very small and free DynDNS client that gives you the possibility to have your own fixed hostname registered on the internet, although your IP might change.

iPost 2.0.6 iPost 2.0.6
r2 Studios

eXpress IP Locator 1.2.3 eXpress IP Locator 1.2.3
Irnis Haliullin

IP Address Toolkit 1.0 IP Address Toolkit 1.0
Softnik Technologies

Hide Real IP 4.7 Hide Real IP 4.7
PrivateIdentity, Inc.

IP2Location IP-COUNTRY .NET Component 2.0 IP2Location IP-COUNTRY .NET Component 2.0

PingLookUp 2.0 PingLookUp 2.0

NetWusel 1.02 NetWusel 1.02
Thorsten Wille

WatchIP 0.3.11 build 25 WatchIP 0.3.11 build 25
Bogdan Vladulescu

SerialGrabber 1.2 SerialGrabber 1.2
Serial Grabber

Marx DNS Analyser 1.0 Marx DNS Analyser 1.0
Marx Bitware

Visual TCPIP Router 1.00 Visual TCPIP Router 1.00

MyWanIp 2.00 MyWanIp 2.00

TCP-Com 4.1.4 TCP-Com 4.1.4
TAL Technologies Inc

TCP-Com is a software based RS232 to TCP/IP converter.

GDS Wake On Lan GDS Wake On Lan
GD Software Att. Brian Bergh

IP PhoneBook IP PhoneBook
GD Software Att. Brian Bergh

My IPs 1.0 My IPs 1.0
Camtech 2000

My IPs is a little application that will return your actual Internet IP address even if you're behind a Firewall.