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Bandwidth Controller Standard 1.20 Bandwidth Controller Standard 1.20
Matt Johns

Bandwidth Controller has many features to help you stay in charge of your network flow.

Networx 6.2.5 Networx 6.2.5
SoftPerfect Research LLC

NetWorx is a simple, yet powerful, tool that helps you objectively evaluate your bandwidth situation.

EtherScout 1.10 EtherScout 1.10

EtherScout is an Internet traffic monitoring utility that sits in your network and records and analyzes traffic patterns of Internet usage.

Internet Access Monitor for WinGate 3.9c Internet Access Monitor for WinGate 3.9c
Red Line Software

Internet Access Monitor for WinGate - according to the statistics, the most typical way of accessing the Internet for modern companies is the special gate software (proxy servers) that enable sharing a single Internet connection among all the business executives.

SoftPerfect Traffic Meter 2.0 SoftPerfect Traffic Meter 2.0
SoftPerfect Research

SoftPerfect Traffic Meter monitors your network traffic.

Netstat live 2.11 Netstat live 2.11

Have you ever wondered just how fast your network connection is? Not just how fast the modem is connected at, but how much data you can actually get? Does your internet connection sometimes seem slower than normal? Forget hacking the registry or using counter-intuitive tools to get the information you want - enter the world of AnalogX NetStat Live (NSL)! NSL is a small, easy to use TCP/IP protocol monitor which can be used to see your exact throughput on both incoming and outgoing data - whether you're using a modem, cable modem, DSL, or even local network! NSL doesn't just stop there, it lets you see how quickly your data goes from your computer to another computer on the internet; it even will tell you how many other computers your data must go through to get there! But wait - there's more! NSL also graphs your CPU usage of your system! This can be especially useful in identifying if your computer is what's slowing things down, or if it's your internet connection.

ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer 5.5.0 ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer 5.5.0
AdventNet, Inc.

ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer is a web-based bandwidth monitoring tool that uses Cisco NetFlow to show you what software programs are using bandwidth, who is using them, and for how long.

HiBand 1.0 HiBand 1.0

The Internet Domain name lookup is a tool that will allow you to display information about a domain name.

MySpeed Personal Edition 1.3a MySpeed Personal Edition 1.3a
Visualware Inc

MySpeed accurately measures broadband download and upload connection speeds by timing actual data transfers between an Internet server and end-user computer.

cFosSpeed 3.91 Build 1272 Beta cFosSpeed 3.91 Build 1272 Beta
Cfos Software

cFosSpeed is a Traffic Shaping driver for DSL modems and routers.

JDSoft Bandwidth Manager 1.0 JDSoft Bandwidth Manager 1.0

While bandwidth management has been an issue for large corporations and ISPs over years, now it is becoming a problem for home and small business networks as well.

Speed-O-Meter 4.1 Speed-O-Meter 4.1

Speed-O-Meter is a tool which will measure the TCP/IP connection speed of the network interfaces on your PC including network adapters and modems.

Bandwidth Monitor Pro 1.30 Bandwidth Monitor Pro 1.30
Sindre Helleseth

Bandwidth Monitor Pro is a utility that displays and logs your network adapters bandwidth usage.

Traffic Calculator 2.0 Traffic Calculator 2.0
SoftPerfect Research LLC

Traffic Calculator is a software product for monitoring your network traffic.

NetGrid NetGrid LLC.

NetGrid helps you to monitor your download and upload bandwidth.

BWMeter 9.0.0 BWMeter 9.0.0

BWMeter is a very powerful bandwidth monitor and meter that measures and displays all traffic on your network.

Emsa Bandwidth Monitor 1.0.50 Emsa Bandwidth Monitor 1.0.50

Emsa Bandwidth Monitor is a program that allows monitoring your internet connection speed, total traffic, average download/upload speed, etc.

Network Traffic Multi Optional Report 1.2 Network Traffic Multi Optional Report 1.2
MZL & Novatech TrafficStatistic

The Multi Optional Network Query Report is a plugin for the freeware MZL & Novatech TrafficStatistic and allows to analyze the traffic of each machine in the local network.

NET Traffic Meter 2.1.2567 NET Traffic Meter 2.1.2567
Kc S Toolbox

NET Traffic Meter is a software which will allow the user to monitor the traffic on a network or modem interface.

CommTraffic 3.1 CommTraffic 3.1

CommTraffic is a network traffic monitor that processes, collects and displays traffic and network utilization statistics for PC network connections, both LAN and dial-up.

Rider 2.7 Rider 2.7
SimpleNet Software

Rider will measure network response time, bandwidth, and voice over IP or video streaming performance between any two computers on your network.

ISP Monitor 5.3.5 ISP Monitor 5.3.5
How2 Studios

ISP Monitor will tell you about your current bandwidth usage but will also show the bandwidth stats recorded by your provider.

BBMonitor 1.2.3 BBMonitor 1.2.3
Absolute Futurity

Bandwidth speed test meter and monitor.

Bitmeter 2 3.6.0 Bitmeter 2 3.6.0
Codebox Software

Bitmeter 2 is a bandwidth meter, it allows you to visually monitor your internet connection by displaying a scrolling graph that shows your upload and download speed over time.

Bandwidth Monitor Bandwidth Monitor

Bandwidth Monitor tracks all network connections traffic and displays real-time graphical and numerical data transfer rates.