Random Password Generator-PRO 12.2

Random Password Generator-PRO 12.2 Screenshot Simply the most secure method to create passwords.

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Simply the most secure method to create passwords.

This software may create up to 10,000,000 unique passwords with as many as 60 characters each in a single batch.

You can run as many batchs as desired. Therefore, this software will NEVER run out of passwords, it will be useful for years. You may select the password criteria using numbers, upper and lowercase letters and/or special characters.
94 different characters are available. In addition, password rules may be applied to require this software to select specific character types at specific password positions. Users may vary password lengths in the same batch. Also includes the ability to create passwords using common dictionary words.
You may use multiple words per password and even add randomly generated numbers to these common words to help secure them. Once the passwords have been created you may then save them to a text, MS-Access, HTML and/or CSV file. CSV may be used with spreadsheet applications such as MS-Excel. A built-in MS-Access editor is provided.
Therefore, MS-Access itself is not needed to create, view or edit these files. A dictionary check option will check the passwords against a 260,000 word english dictionary. Five dictionary languages are available which will prevent passwords from being cracked by automated dictionary checking (attack) software products.

A duplication checker is also provided. Multiple files can be generated with a single setup. Do not make the mistake of developing a "system" for generating passwords. Random passwords are the most secure method for creating passwords. Unlike a system, every randomly generated password is truly unrelated to each other. Therefore, someone trying to break-in cannot use their understanding of the system because RPG-PRO doesn't use one to generate passwords. Jam-packed with features to create uncrackable passwords, access codes, accounts, PINs, etc... Can you afford to be without this software?

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